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Nature, inside and out: style ideas to inspire your house plant jungle

The house plant craze is well and truly back in swing. Here’s how wall hanging planters can help add to your lush indoor look.

Nature, inside and out: style ideas to inspire your house plant jungle

Juliet Taylor


March 25th, 2022

House plants have been a feature of the home since the invention of homes. Keeping plants indoors can be traced back to civilizations as early as the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Other, older civilizations like Ancient China, India and Egypt also used potted plants as a decorative feature – though they were most popular in outdoor spaces like courtyards.

In recent history, house plants have continued to become some of the most popular interior decoration accessories.

House plants have a range of practical and psychological benefits which contribute to their appeal. Living with a range of lush house plants is known to improve mental health, and has been linked to a feeling of “vacation while at home.”

This is likely because house plants create a link to the natural world, bringing a sense of wildness and freedom into modern homes. House plants also inspire creativity, and watching them flourish under your care is a uniquely rewarding experience. Studies suggest that house plants can enhance an individual’s mood, productivity, concentration, and even memory.

The process of gardening and plant maintenance is a rhythmic and simple one which lowers stress levels and can even reduce fatigue. Certain house plants can even filter pollutants in the air and improve oxygen levels – for more information on air purifying house plants, see here.

So, why hanging house plants? There are a few reasons that wall hanging pots have skyrocketed in popularity recently.

For one, they free up space for more plants on the ground! Given that the current trend is to squeeze as many plants as physically possible into the one area, hanging plants have become a practical solution to make full use of a space.

They are also excellent for smaller rooms because they keep the floor space free, cutting down on the bulk of a large pot or the challenge of finding a place for the plant where it can be seen and admired without getting in the way.

A hanging wall planter also broadens the type of plants you can choose from; plants with hanging leaves like tradescantia, philodendron, and bird’s nest ferns are some of the most popular choices for hanging pots because their leaves trail down towards the ground in a beautiful display that brings a little elegant jungle-chic into your home.

When choosing a hanging wall planter for your home, there are a few things to consider.

First, the type of plant you want to keep inside. Research will come in handy here, as you only want to choose a plant with needs that you are able to fulfill; i.e. lighting requirements will determine where you can put the plant, as well as watering and growth (make sure not to get a plant that will outgrow its pot if you want to hang it!).

Once you’ve decided the type of the plant, you will know what kind of pot it will require and where in your house it will need to go in order to get the appropriate amount of sunlight. To help you narrow down the search, here is a list of some of the best hanging wall planters available for purchase in Australia today.

Wall Hanging Planters: 10 Design Ideas for Wall Hanging Pots

10. Bali Mystique: Vertical Garden Bamboo Planters

This mini hanging garden is perfect for small spaces indoors or outdoors. Ideal for those who want to grow herbs or flowers, this hanging wall planter is available here for $41.95 and in two sizes: small (70cm-80cm) and large: (120cm-150cm).

09. Plantsmith: Recline Hanging Planter

A simple yet beautiful addition to any home, the elegant line art of this pot reinforces the connection between humanity and nature. This planter is a perfect choice for those just beginning their hanging plant collection.

It is available here for $39.50 and at 9cm high x 15cm deep, it is ideally suited to small homes where it will add to the atmosphere without taking up space.

08. Sage & Leaves: Wall Ceramic Hanging Planter

This wall hanging planter is unique and its geometric shape contrasts beautifully with the natural asymmetry of the succulents. This combination of industrial elegance with natural plants is an eye-catching one that will match well with contemporary décor.

It is 1.7cm long x 8.5cm wide x 17.1cm high and you can purchase it here for $62.22.

07. Adairs: Hanging Arch Plant Stand

A cute, rustic addition to any home, this mini basket hanging planter brings texture and simplicity into modern life. Available at Adairs here for $49.99, this basket is 23cm x 46cm and was handwoven by skilled artisans.

06. Wayfair: Triflora 3 Piece Hanging Planter

This three-piece hanging planter has three pot holders on adjustable ropes which can be slid along the bar to your preference. It is available here from Wayfair for $55 and comes in multiple colours. The holders are suitable for standard 3-inch diameter pots.

05. Spoilt: Woodstock Rainbow Hanging Planter

Pots are an excellent chance to bring some art and personality into a home. Something like this cheerful Woodstock rainbow pot is perfect for an extra home feature that won’t steal attention or require much effort to install.

You can purchase it here for $37.95. Dimensions are 15cm high x 20cm x 20cm.

04. Fruugo: Macrame 3 Tier Plant Hanger

This three-plant holder is a great way to add more plants into your home without taking up any more space. Perfect for corners, this macrame plant wall is 177cm long and available here for $25.95.

03. Overstock: Petulah Planter

This wall planter can be wall mounted or deconstructed to stand alone. The brass metal shine accents the natural green of the plants it holds, creating an industrial wilderness suited for all home décor styles. With the stand, the smallest option is 5.5” x 5” x 6” and other sizes increase in increments of one inch. You can purchase it here for $89.50.

02. Grandado: Retro Hanging Planter Nordic

This rustic wooden pendant pot takes influence from Nordic design and complements the natural aesthetic of plants with its raw and unrefined appearance. It is a gorgeous way to capture the simple beauty of natural décor and you can purchase it here for $58.89. The largest size is 25cm x 35 cm.

01. Ownkoti: Home Décor Hanging Plant

This handwoven macrame plant holder has a vast range of style opportunities, including fairy lights, flowers, cacti, succulents, and even layering to make a plant wall.

A beautiful, rustic and eco-friendly option, this hanging plant holder has a length of 160cm and can be purchased here for just $27.00.

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