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The Secret to Perfect Sleep

Getting good sleep may be tough for some, but Coco-Mat have made it their mission to design products that meet that very goal.

The Secret to Perfect Sleep


February 6th, 2015

A good mattress is a matter of science, good engineering and quality materials, and no one knows this better than Coco-Mat. Established in 1989 in Greece, the brand is today well recognised around the world for its 100 per cent natural sleep products. Designed for both the home and hotel sectors, Coco-Mat’s highly innovative offering are made using materials such as coco fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose down.

Their 4-layer sleep system is a perfect case in point. The system is a combination of four elements including a base mattress, mattress, top mattress and topper, which come together to serve one common objective: the attainment of perfect sleep.

Starting at the foundation, the base mattress paves the way to a good night’s sleep. Combined with the mattress, they provide support to the heavier parts of the body, such as the waist and shoulders. The top mattress perfects the elasticity of the system by gently hugging every curve. Finally, the topper, filled with goose down, adds a precious feeling of softness for the lightest parts of the body.

Their base mattresses have a solid wooden frame, paired with an ergo-base and layers of natural materials placed on top. The base helps relieve pressure and absorb friction. It also responds to the main part of the body’s weight, working silently to provide the foundation to a good night’s rest.

Pyrros base mattress

The Pyrros base provides optimum elasticity and support for any body type. The ergo-base goes first to absorb all pressure and friction. The layer of seaweed, in between rubberised coconut fibre and natural fibre, releases small amounts of iodine which benefits the respiratory system.

Eas base mattress

Eas is a slightly firmer base mattress. It offers excellent comfort and support for all body types. Rubberised coconut fibre, natural rubber and rubberised horsehair layers are placed on top of the ergo-base, creating a base mattress that’s slightly firmer yet adequately elastic and perfectly capable of providing support for all body types.

Coco-Mat’s mattresses are made up of multiple layers of natural materials that come together to achieve the ideal mélange of support and elasticity to respond to the body’s curves and work to maintain the spine in proper alignment. It is all natural, non-metal, and capable of absorbing weight evenly, thus allowing the body to rest completely. In addition, the cotton outer cover is padded with wool and can be easily removed and washed.

Atlas mattress

Specifically, their Atlas mattress features five layers of natural materials for excellent elasticity and support. There is a layer of natural rubber on both sides, one being thicker to allow you to choose the desired level of elasticity, while the layer of seaweed provides natural protection from allergies and benefits the respiratory system.

Nefeli mattress

Then there’s Nefeli, a mattress with two layers of natural rubber and in between, rubberised coconut fibre and horsehair, which is a natural humidity regulator. Perfect symmetry in the arrangement of the materials grants ideal support and enhanced elasticity.

Iviskos top mattress

Iviskos is a top mattress that offers perfect elasticity to every sleep system. It features one solid layer of natural rubber, wrapped in cotton covers that can be easily removed and washed. The outer cotton cover is padded with wool.

Kyriaki topper

Last but certainly not least, the Kyriaki topper complements your body’s support with featherlight comfort, and envelops you in softness from head to toe. It contains goose down, evenly distributed in individual compartments to avoid lumping. Its outer layer is made of closely woven, down-proof washable cotton fabric.

Coco-Mat has a growing network of stores in 14 different countries in Europe, the United States and Asia. The Coco-Mat concept boutique can be found at Parkmall (#02-06) and at Grafunkt’s flagship store at Millennia Walk (#02-34).

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