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Nature, Balance and Wellness in a Tap

Crafted in collaboration with an artist-philosopher and a designer, Gessi’s new Equilibrio Stone Taps impart balance, harmony and wellness to the household.

Nature, Balance and Wellness in a Tap

There is a private wellness department in Gessi dedicated to creating products that enhance one’s mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. The creative team works closely with unique individuals, such as sportsmen, teachers, philosophers or artists – drawing inspiration from their beliefs and practices to impart elements of positivity and a sense of holistic wellness to the household.

Recently, the creative team partnered artist-philosopher Marsel Lesko and designer Maurizio Scutellà – each engaged independently – to conceive the Equilibrio Stone Taps. The end result is a poetic and sculptural series of taps that convey physical, mental and spiritual balance.

“At Gessi, our designs stem from a mission that is led by wanting to create wellness of the mind, body, spirit of our clientele. This design took a long time to take shape but we believe in producing the very best, no matter the challenges,” says Luigi Leonetti, Commercial Director of Gessi.

Lauded as a ‘sculptor of spirit and a master of life’, Marsel Lesko’s practice revolves around the pursuit of a concurrence of outer and inner wellbeing. “In order for energy to run through us, it’s necessary to make room for it within ourselves: I let balance come into me,” he explains. To do that, Lesko practices the ancient art of stone balancing to find personal harmony. “The silent breath of stones taught me to breathe,” he says.

Reflecting Lesko’s practice, the Equilibrio Stone Taps is composed of two sculptural shapes in balance, inspired by natural stones – an ancestral memory of the universe. It is conceived to help people discover their inner balance by inviting the art of nature into the home. As a result, only natural materials, such as stones and wood, are used.

Graphically interpreted by designer Maurizio Scutellà, the series is defined by sensual curves and counter-curves that reflect the strength of balanced stones and the natural vitality of flowing water – inviting the poetic beauty of Mother Nature into the home through a functional object.

“Our creation of balance becomes our own equilibrium, this reaffirms the principle of love which involves an exchange: I give my all to the stone and it gives me back the beauty of a momentary encounter of strength and fragility, the harmony of a seemingly effortless dance step,” Lesko concludes.

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