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World Interiors Day 2014

May 31, 2014 has been declared World Interiors Day. Shashi Caan, President of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, which spearheads this programme, tells us why this day is important and how we can celebrate it around the world.

World Interiors Day 2014

World Interiors Day

Past events – (Left) Installation by Interior Architecture students in Cypress. (Right) Members of Diseñadores de Interiores Argentinos Asociados gather at the Metropolitan Design Centre in Buenos Aires

What is the primary objective of World Interiors Day?

World Interiors Day (WID) was first celebrated on May 29th 2004, when numerous activities were planned to simultaneously take place in countries across the world. This day acknowledges the importance of design for Interiors that support our day to day living. It embraces every kind of habitable environment imaginable and aspires to bring together the largest community engagement in the showcase and celebration of this critical design expertise. With this acknowledgement, we help to cause greater disciplinary awareness with the general public and governmental bodies.

With this programme, the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) promotes the Interiors discipline, while actively helping to integrate professional intelligence and knowledge. The day helps to amplify the potential for creativity and innovation that serve the human good through Design considerations for the Interior and built environment.

World INteriors DAy

Past event – Interior Designers Association of Nigeria launched the inaugural exhibition GUIDE to showcase designers, manufacturers and suppliers

Why is establishing such a day important?

IFI exists to coalesce the global design community. We help to raise the bar on design excellence while providing a platform for networking and engagement with the greater local, national and international community. WID was designed and established to actively engage professionals, national organisations, design enthusiasts and the public at large, to explore creativity, imagination, vision and passion in recognition of the role of Interior Architecture/Design in our society. It is a great example of the power of people coming together to share their ideals, while taking a stand for and promotion of the essential contributions that design makes in the quality of human lives.

World INteriors Day

Past event – In Turkey, University of Economics and Technology hosted a design workshop for young and aspiring designers

Why the choice of “Design Matters” as this year’s theme?

This year’s theme emphatically declares that Design Matters. This we believe is a key message that requires to be shared with the public at large. However, with its double entendre, this title and theme also allows for the active engagement of the Interiors student, researcher and expert to explore matters unique and specific to both design and its relationship to Interiors and the built environment. At IFI, it is very important that we help to educate and bring everyone along.

 Sashi Kaan

In 2011, the city of Montreal, joined by Mission Design and Montreal Executive Committee Member Helen Fotopulous (shown here with Shashi Caan, right), became the very first to adopt the Interiors Declaration. Subsequently in 2013, nine cities in Canada alone have gone on to adopt WID 

What are past examples of significant programmes that were incorporated as part of World Interiors Day?

WID has seen a remarkable number of thoughtful and creative events organised by our global membership and the design oriented public. Past events have included civic engagement, round table discussion and debate, as well as open house programmess, educational activities and lectures.

Individuals work together with local groups and/or national organisations to form a city-wide, province-wide, state-wide or country-wide event connected across the globe by a common theme. Past WID themes include: “10% for 90%” (2010), “Green Interiors” (2011), “Finding The New in the Old” (2012), and “Celebrating 50 Years of Design Around the World” (2013).

World INteriors DAy

Past event – Korean Society of Interior Architects/Designers celebrated WID2013 with a commissioned community mural entitled “Home Away from Home”

What are some of the activities that we can expect to experience at this year’s World Interiors Day?

In the past, we have witnessed a broad range of events, both in their scope and scale. Each and all ideas for the showcasing of Interior Architecture/Design are equally valid and valued. We certainly hope that members will continue to work towards ratification of WID in each of their cities and nations. At IFI we never know how the members and our community will respond ahead of any event. Of course, by having the members select the annual topic for WID, we hope that they feel inspired by the title and we always look forward to experiencing their creativity and interpretation.

World Interiors Day

Past event – Association of Designers of Russia celebrated in an interior space designed by a fellow member

IFI is interested to know how you are celebrating this important day around the world! Send your topics, events, posters, and pictures to

For more information contact, visit or contact the national association of interior architects/designers in your country.

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