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Beautiful living room rug ideas

Rugs are a versatile décor option with a number of practical benefits. Here are some of the loveliest living room rugs fit for Australian homes.

Beautiful living room rug ideas

Juliet Taylor


August 22nd, 2022

Rugs are the perfect way to accentuate a living room floor without having to install carpet. The key difference between carpet and rugs is that carpet spans from wall to wall and is fixed in place. Rugs, on the other hand, are portable and usually smaller. They are design features and tend to be more colourful or vibrantly patterned than carpets.

Rugs have a number of practical benefits as well as their aesthetic advantages. For one thing, rugs protect your hardwood floors from damage. A rug provides a barrier to anything that might scratch, stain, dent, discolour or even simply wear at your floor. They also provide a barrier to sound, muffling the noise made by footsteps or moving furniture. This is a particularly favourable situation if you live in an apartment block with people living on the floor underneath your apartment.

Rugs are also important for safety and general comfort. Rugs can make a slippery surface much safer to walk on. This non-slip advantage is highly recommended for households with seniors, people at fall risk, and children. They are also generally more comfortable to walk on as they are soft. This is especially true during winter, as they will retain heat much more efficiently than tile or timber (which can turn icy overnight).

Now, on to the aesthetic benefits. Having a rug in your living room provides an opportunity to tie together all of the design elements that you have operating in your space. Rugs can be understated or muted to provide a sense of structure and create a general theme; or, they can be vibrant and designed to catch the eye of all who enter the room.

How to place rugs in living room

Decorating with rugs is a spatial affair as much as an aesthetic one. One must consider the floor space and layout before you can even think about the style of rug that you will purchase. The most common place for a living room rug is tucked slightly underneath the couch (by around 12-18 inches). For rugs in a larger living room area, the rug may float alone in the middle of the floor to give a sense of structure.

There are a number of stylish living room ideas to inspire a rug-centric décor. To help you narrow down the type of rug that will best compliment your personal flair, here is a list of the best living room rug ideas for Australian homes.

Living room rugs Australia: The 10 best rugs for living rooms

10. Carlos Felted Wool Flatweave Rug Grey Natural

woolen rug living room with chair

Rugs of beauty is an online rug store based in the Blue Mountains which supplies high quality rugs all across Australia. The stunning Scandinavian style living room rug pictured above is made from 100% wool, giving it a remarkable softness underfoot.

The neutral palette and contemporary design is sure to blend with just about any interior design style, and add a touch of elegance along the way. You can purchase this rug here for $1397.99.

09. Beige origin Jolie abstract power-loomed rug

rug beige and pink warm tones woven

Small rugs are the perfect solution for living rooms that don’t have a lot of space but still feel empty. Small rugs are also less likely to overwhelm a space, so you can be a lot more creative with your décor choices. The rug pictured above is available here from Temple & Webster for $199.

08. Grey Skandi hand-woven wool rug

grey modern rug scandinavian with chair

The latest trend with modern lounge room rugs seems to be Scandi design; and who better to fulfil that need than Temple and Webster? This gorgeous 100% wool neutral grey rug is perfect for a cool living room colour palette. You can purchase it here for $799.

07. Soraya grey abstract textured rug

textured carpet rug ideas grey modern aztec look

This elegant charcoal grey flatweave rug is layered with a captivating geometric pattern. Mixing textures is a huge part of keeping interior design interesting, and this rug is the ideal candidate. The alluring grey and charcoal colour weave makes this product one of the rugs that go with grey couches perfectly. You can purchase this rug online here from Miss Amara for $625.

06. Isabella marbled ivory and beige braided rug

grey rug with couch and coffee table

One of the best ideas for a small living room is to have a light coloured rug. This will brighten the space by bouncing light around the room, as well as making the area feel cozy rather than crowded. To make it appear even larger, perhaps tuck the corners under coffee table. This braided rug is available here from Miss Amara for $710.

05. Solaris cowhide rug

cow hide interior rug

Cowhide rugs are much more durable than synthetic rugs because they are made of natural leather. They are stain resistant and can outlast most other rug types by years. They also have a rugged country charm which would work well with rustic décor. The Solaris rug pictured above can be purchased here from Au Rugs for $299.

04. Maisie cream and ivory textured tribal rug

 Maisie cream and ivory textured tribal rug

This is the ideal rug for a large living room. The swirling textures and gorgeous sand colour give the impression of an indoor zen garden, sure to bring peace. This rug is a unique and handmade piece which will become a key feature of your home décor. You can purchase it here from Miss Amara for $690.

03. Babylon blue rug

Babylon blue rug

This Persian-style rug was power loomed in Turkey using polypropylene fibres. It will blend seamlessly with Bohemian décor or stand out as a feature piece in a minimalistic design. This rug is available here for just $199 from Rugs a Million. For more information on high quality authentic Persian rugs, see here.

02. Contemporary round green circle carpet

green living room rug with couch and coffee table sun emblem

Lounge lovers rugs are difficult to come by, but here is the perfect round rug to accentuate your lovely couch. This vibrant green rug has a lively design that is sure to impress. Purchase it here for $299 from Warmly home.

01. Cuba grey multi abstract rug

Cuba grey multi abstract rug

Deco rugs is a pioneer of sophisticated rug design and supply in Australia. This durable polypropylene rug is made in Turkey and has an abstract design sure to turn heads. The gorgeous array of colours provide the perfect opportunity to style around a set palette. Purchase this rug here from Deco Rug for just $294.

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