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The best front door handles to reflect your home

Front door handles say a lot about a person. Whether you choose ornate, minimalist or even futuristic will give guests their first impression about the type of home you run.

The best front door handles to reflect your home

Juliet Taylor


August 27th, 2022

Front door handles come in many different shapes and sizes. First and foremost, front door locks keep homes safe. They protect the house by allowing you to secure your front door and make sure only certain people can come into your home unannounced.

However, front door handles have a deeper meaning as well. The handle of the door is the first thing that your guests will reach for when coming inside. It represents an invitation into the home. Spiritually, doors and doorknobs are largely said to represent borders into worlds beyond our own – read more about the spirituality of the home here.

Whether your reasons are practical or philosophical, it is undeniable that the front door handle is a significant part of everyday life. As such, choosing one is an important task. Front door handlesets should reflect the home they provide entry to. You want to make sure that your entrance door handles gel with the design, material and colour focus of the home.

How to install door handles

Installing a door handle is a very simple process. Depending on the type of handle to be removed and the style of its replacement, you will probably only require a flat-head screwdriver. Replacing a doorknob can be done without removing the door and often without even changing the lock. It is a simple and effective way to transform your external doors. For more info on how, see here.

For more info on the types of door handles you can purchase, read on.

Door handles are a lucrative market, sold everywhere from high end designers to hardware stores such as bunnings and Lockwood. They can be made out of practically any material, and you can even have doorknobs custom made to your specifications. Here are some of the best doorknob ideas and options available on the Australian market.

Where to buy modern front door handles online Australia

10. Black lockset with matching single cylinder deadbolt

lock and key front door black matt with gold

Black is a very popular colour when it comes to external doorknobs. It’s sleek, stylish, and doesn’t draw too much attention to the house in the way that a more ornate doorknob might. Black doorknobs are available pretty much anywhere. You can find the one pictured above here on Ubuy for $97 AUD. With multiple sizes and an oil-rubbed bronze option, this chic door handle is sure to set a good impression with guests to your home.

9. Large pull and flush barn door set

black pull handle door into living room

A large doorhandle is a bold and dramatic choice sure to catch the eye. You can find large door handles in many different styles, but the most common is pull handles. The pull handle pictured above is a heavy duty rustic model that measures to around 12”. It is available here on ebay for $42.50 AUD.

8. Black Pull handles

large commercial pull door handle for front door

Large pull handles are a contemporary choice for the stylish modern home. Because they are so commonly used in commercial and hospitality settings, pull handles have a sense of industrial chic that works well with brutalist homes. For a door that will stand out, you can purchase the pull handle pictured above here from Avantgarde Hardware for $214.

7. Momo Long Knurled D Handle Dark Brass

golden pull door handles

Long door handles have an elegance that cannot be missed. Simple yet beautiful, these brass handles can be installed vertically as door handles or even horizontally to class up your cabinetry. You can buy them online here from Bathroom Warehouse for $125.

6. Timber flower knob

wooden doorknob flower shape

For a unique and rustic look, consider a timber knob. These gorgeous door handles have a simple country charm that will welcome your guests with open arms. You can buy the timber doorknob pictured above here from Etsy for just $8.99.  

5. European style bronze door handle with locks

ornate metal front door handle iron silver burnished brass

Security is obviously the number one priority when it comes to door handles – but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice beauty. This antique lock is sure to keep your household safe and the ornate metalwork is sure to impress. Buy it here from Ali Express for $57.50.

4. Gold feather ornate doorknob

golden feather door handle pull

Gold door handles are the height of luxury, and they usually have the design to match. If you are looking for an eye-catching handle that will be the standout feature of your front door, consider going gold.

Golden doorknobs or knobs brushed in gold are usually sculpted in the most extravagant designs of all. From snakes, peacocks, flowers and tigers to the feather shaped golden handles pictured above, these ornate handles will accentuate your home with elegant decadence. Purchase here from doup for just $16.

3. Round leaf and brass stemmed knob

unique handmade door handle flower design black and white

Round doorknobs have a classic appeal that instills within many a feeling of friendliness and warmth. There are a great variety of styles and materials used for round doorknobs including traditional, timber, metal and rustic.

The beautiful doorknob pictured above is one of the more artistic handle design options on the market, with a pressed flower impression sure to accentuate a stylishly modern décor. You can purchase it here from The Build for $11.99.

2. Brass

large front door handle in gold round leaf and brass

Brass is one of the most popular materials used for doorknobs. Brass is sturdy, durable, and resistant to corrosion. It is also a beautiful metal with a burnished finish that brings a touch of raw elegance into industrial chic.

Brass doorhandles are all sensible and reliable, but they come in a variety of styles. Brass doorknobs can become an extravagant feature of your home, like the handle pictured above (available here from push or pull for $980). 

1. Hamptons stainless steel twist

silver twist Hamptons style classy door handle

Hamptons is the coastal style inspired by the elegant beach homes of US Long Island region, the Hamptons. Hamptons style is characterised as elegant, airy, welcoming and natural. For a Hamptons style door handle, look no further than this elegant stainless steel twist handle, available from push or pull for $1,280.

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