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The comfiest armchairs in Australia

 Armchairs should be an alluring source of comfort in your living room home. They are the perfect place to wind down after a long day, sneak in a nap on a lazy Sunday, or to curl up and read.

The comfiest armchairs in Australia

Juliet Taylor


August 27th, 2022

 An armchair is a large, cushioned chair with armrests and back support. They are usually fairly wide, but designed for use by one person at a time only.

An armchair is very different to a typical chair because it is designed for maximum comfort and a prolonged amount of time seated. Unlike couches, they are only intended for one person. The most popular place for an armchair is the living room, usually in front of a TV or bright window, but they are also common features in bedrooms and nurseries. Because they are so common, you can usually find high quality second hand armchairs for cheap prices online.

Armchairs are beloved in living rooms across Australia. Armchairs are often more comfortable than regular lounges as they have the shape and design to support one individual. Someone sitting in an armchair also does not have to share armrests with another family member, and generally the seats cushion is wider.

Another reason that armchairs are such a prominent feature of Australian design is their aesthetic potential. Armchairs are essentially art pieces which can make or break a room’s design. There is an incredible versatility of choice with armchairs when it comes to colour, style, theme, mood and even size. Typical types of armchairs include Highback, Mid-Century, Wingback, Traditional and Chesterfield.

Choosing an armchair

There are a few key things to remember when selecting an armchair. The first is the size relative to your height; you want to make sure that your feet comfortably touch the floor. The seat should be firm enough that it is easy to stand up, and the armrests should be at a 90-degree angle from your body (i.e. not sloped down or forcing you to raise your arms in order to rest them on the sides).

The best way to test all of these things is to physically test out the feel of the armchair in person. If you can find the time to go in-store and try out any potential armchairs before buying, it can save you a lot of grief later if you realise that the armchair is not as comfortable as you thought. Online shopping is still a valid option, but pay close attention to the dimensions of the armchair – something too large or too small will essentially be useless to you and may even lead to back pain.

Australia’s most comfortable armchairs: The best comfy armchairs to buy at low costs

10. Bishop modern armless sofa chair

armless yellow armchair in living room with lamp style interior design

An armless armchair may seem like an oxymoron,  but they are actually a stylish and flexible option for the modern living room. The bishop armchair sofa bed by Lounge Lovers pictured above comes in multiple colours including mustard, grey, charcoal, white and muted blue. As an armless chair, it can also be converted into a sofa bed for guests. This ergonomic design is available here for $399 on sale.

09. Killian oversized swivel armchair

round swivel armchair grey fluffy

Oversized armchairs are perfect for those who like to curl up to relax. They are ideal for reading, watching a movie, or cuddling with someone you care about. The swivel chair pictured above is available in grey and pink from Temple and Webster. Purchase it here for $899.

08. Landon armchair

colourful colorful chair with velvet multi patch unique handmade

For a unique and funky addition to your living room décor, consider this vibrantly patterned Chesterfield armchair. It is patchwork based, meaning no two chairs will look the exact same. You can purchase this chair here from Temple and Webster for $1,299.

07. Little Perta lounge chair

fluffy wool yellow modern armchair funky design

For extra comfort and a little bit of fun, consider this fluffy armchair by the Feelter. This minimalist design is composed of imitation lamb wool fabric which will cushion your body as you rest. You can purchase this armchair here from The Feelter for $989.

06. Replica groovy armchair

fluffy wool armless armchair in white designer new zealand

Modern armchair designs are all about whimsical shapes. Nothing encapsulates this quite so perfectly as the armchair pictured above by the Feelter. Made from a Teddybear Cashmere blend, this armchair is guaranteed to be one of the softest surfaces in your home. It is available here in a huge range of colours for $1,189.

05. Chloe boucle small armchair for bedroom

cloud circle armchair fluffy comfortable designer ideas

If you’re styling a small bedroom, fitting a full sized armchair comfortably in the space can be tricky. Luckily this pumpkin design armchair is small enough to squeeze into just about any space. Purchase it here from La Casa Vita luxury furniture for $467.

04. Amber Boucle swivel with ottoman

cloud circle armchair in white with matching footstool

Another excellent option to achieve maximum comfort in a limited space is to purchase an armchair and ottoman set. An ottoman provides a layer of additional comfort as you can recline with your feet up.

They are also easily portable and can be styled around the room or even put in storage when extra space is needed. Purchase this armchair and ottoman set here from Castlery for $729.

03. Cloud armchair with chaise

matching couch white in living room with sunset ocean views crisp and clean

For a sense of coherency, consider purchasing an armchair as a part of a matching set. This cloud armchair has a matching two-seater lounge which makes the whole living room feel crisp and bright. You can purchase the armchair and pillows here from Banana Home for $1,190.

02. B&B Italia up junior armchair

designer armchair bright vibrant red

This stylish designer sofa is one of the clearest examples of modern furniture design at its finest. Whimsical shapes and bold colours create a daring piece that is sure to elevate the design chic of your home. You can purchase this iconic Italian-made armchair here from Space for $2,870.

01. Costes Oversized Armchair

cozy grey armchair extra comfortable extreme deep

This luxurious armchair is so plush and deep that you may disappear into it forever. With chic, knife’s edge tailing and an overstuffed seat, this armchair is perfect for lazy Sundays and cozy movie nights. Purchase it here from Create and Barrel for $1,799.

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