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How Zgonic is changing the future of work

Zgonic’s monitor arms may be the answer to a rising demand in mobile workspaces today! Let’s explore why.

  • Vodafone Sydney Central, featuring Zbridge (Monitor & Mobile solution, suitable for Activity Based Working environments)

  • Vodafone Sydney Central, featuring Zbridge (Monitor & Mobile solution, suitable for Activity Based Working environments)

  • Vodafone Sydney Central, featuring Zbridge (Monitor & Mobile solution, suitable for Activity Based Working environments)

Today’s workforce relies on mobility. Work is being done on the go, especially using devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. While this is convenient, it also saves a lot of time. And now, corporations see it too. A survey by Tenable in fact reveals that almost 72% companies in the US encourage a BYOD-friendly (bring your own device) policy, allowing employees to bring their own devices to work. What this has led to is a noticeable attitudinal shift, with employees also seeking a higher degree of control over how and where they work.


In all this, the traditional workstation tends to feel thoroughly restrictive. Why? You see conventional work zones tend to create this feeling of being stuck, reducing one’s ability to collaborate and interact. There is a sense of freedom that comes from not being strapped to a cubicle or workstation that ultimately helps employees thrive.


It’s no surprise therefore to see the rise in activity based working (ABW) environments in organisations today.  ABW ensures that employees are able to either collaborate within a common workspace or can choose a setting that suits their task best. In fact, by 2015, a third of Australian companies had already introduced activity-based workspaces in their offices.   In the same report, Telsyte also found that employees had recorded as much as 16% more productivity in ABW environments than those in traditional spaces.


How can companies encourage mobile working without hindering productivity?


Activity based working has facilitated the need for users to be able to move between work zones without having to go through the headache of an elaborate set-up routine every time. This could pose a challenge though, for businesses, especially given their need to bolster employee efficiency and productivity. In such a scenario, the ubiquitous monitor arm which is essentially plug-and-play, serves as an ergonomic tool to solve this problem.


And, that’s where’s brands like Zgonic are making a distinction.  Zgonic’s unique approach involves designing monitor arms that are not only adjustable and suited for optimal viewing; they’re also incredibly easy to set up.  Their award-winning designs help you integrate all mobile and workstation devices into one system, making it absolutely easy to plug in and work from anywhere in the office, without hassle.


Zgonic’s unique approach to mobile working solutions


Modular design, dynamism and innovation are at the heart of Zgonic’s designs. The Znote by Zgonic for instance is compatible with most laptops and uses spring technology to help you effortlessly adjust the height and depth setting of your laptop. The direct benefit is being able to maintain a comfortable position while you work. Znote also comes with an expandable laptop tray, to accommodate a wider range of laptop sizes.


For workstations that support activity based working, Zgonic’s Zbridge is a revelation. It has been designed for multi-directional orientation and also supports a wide range of mobile devices. The Zbridge is high on utility too; the monitor arms can lift your laptops and monitors, so your desk always feels clutter-free. The adjustable monitor arms also reduce the risk of back pain. With improved viewing angles, you’re likely to maintain a better posture, despite working from multiple workstations every day.


Meanwhile, the latest addition to the Zgonic product family, Z1, delivers the same high level of performance, combining all the tried and tested technology of Zgo – the brand’s watershed innovation – in a svelte, lightweight form. As the newest, sveltest sibling of Zgo, the Z1 Monitor Arm is an exemplar of streamlined design that refuses to compromise on functionality. Like other ranges in the Zgonic portfolio, Z1 is characterised by supreme counterbalancing technology to offset variable equipment weights. Housed in an accessible, compact form, multi-axes adjustment capabilities empower users to customise monitor arrangement, or interchange with a tray for different work devices.



Simple plug-and-play, tool-free installation means that all you need to do is clamp Z1 to your desk and attach your monitor – just like that; you’re ready to work. Using a tablet or laptop instead of a monitor? No problem – a tray attachment snaps into Z1 in a matter of seconds, and gives you full, secure control of your device’s position.


Surprisingly, plugging out is as easy as plugging in. This ensures employees never have to worry about reorganising the workplace once they’re done.  The design accounts for concealed cable management alongside the arm, so no wires can be seen dangling while working.


Telsyte’s report in fact predicts that by 2020, a whopping two-thirds of Australian organisations will support ABW environments. Mobile and agile working habits are likely to remain the norm and traditional workstations are just not going to make the cut, going forward.


So, have you thought about making your workspaces more productive? Find out how Zgonic can support mobile working habits today.


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