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Protecting Nature’s Most Precious Resource, One Tap at a Time

As a brand using design and innovation to shape how people experience water for over half a century, it is only fitting that sustainability is at the heart of VOLA’s ethos. With their philosophy anchored in longevity, careful management of resources and mindful operations, the original modern tap designer is protecting the planet for future generations – one timeless product at a time.

Protecting Nature’s Most Precious Resource, One Tap at a Time

Ola Moszumanska


January 11th, 2021

Stemming from a profound Danish affinity with nature and a deep understanding of the vital role of water, VOLA has made it its mission to protect this valuable natural resource – in their mindful design practices, conscious consumption, commitment to recycling, and lean operations. And in contrast to some of the other brands boasting about their sustainability credentials, VOLA truly exemplifies their stance on the environment.

The commitment to creating minimal environmental impact starts with mindful product development. VOLA balances technological advancement with a genuine need to improve the product and its sustainability benefits, releasing new products and parts only if they enhance the human experience and ecological implications.

Motivated by true insight rather than the novelty of industry trends, all VOLA’s products are made to order, which reduces both the energy consumption and volume of materials used to manufacture the final product. That careful sense of purpose combined with extreme attention to detail results in classic, timeless and long-lasting designs which make even the products created at the company’s inception just as relevant as they were over 50 years ago. And with VOLA’s mindful consistency expressed through their modular design system, all parts – even in taps created as far back as 1968 – can be replaced or repaired.

VOLA’s design system isn’t the only aspect of their offering that transcends time. To ensure their products are built to last, VOLA only uses the finest steel and brass. Manufacturing their products with austenitic stainless steel creates exceptionally high corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity of the product.

However, the incorporation of those particular kinds of metals is also a crucial step in VOLA’s endeavour to fully close the cycle.

The highly recyclable profile of the materials allows the brand to recover and re-use 100% of their natural material waste. That minimises both the waste sent to landfill and the need to extract more raw materials from the Earth – and means that VOLA can yield a staggering 386 round-head showers from a single 600kg solid brass cylinder throughout its lifespan.

This innovative and future-forward ‘making-without-taking’ philosophy enables the brand to increase their recycling capabilities whilst reducing the levels of energy consumption throughout the lifecycle of the product – the ultimate expression of their Danish heritage and dedication to efficient design.

Exemplifying the commitment to creating a greener world that permeates through all aspects of their operations, the tap designer shares the power to preserve Earth’s most precious resource with their customers.

While the brand rigorously monitors the amount of fresh water used in the manufacturing of their products, their customers can mindfully control the water flow through the selection of products that feature designed with great precision optional flow regulators. Equipped with small flow regulators, VOLA’s taps and mixers create bubbles that minimise the amount of water used. At the same time, their electronic products feature both time and motion sensors, elevating the efficiency profile of the product even further.

Creating timeless, sustainable tapware while preserving Earth’s valuable resource since its inception in 1968, VOLA has undoubtedly set new standards for brands aspiring to protect the planet and participate in creating a greener future. Born out of a genuine human need, the brand combines high quality, durability and low environmental impact to make mindful products that improve how people around the world experience water – an incredible contribution to enhancing the present, while creating a brighter tomorrow.

“We throw away less and use more” – Watch the complete On Design short film VOLA Life Cycle below:



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