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Zenith Design Studio’s Precinct Seating: Flexibility for the dynamic topography of a modern office

The way we work has evolved, creating a demand for an interactive workplace that honours the individual needs of employees through mobile and easily adaptable spatial solutions.

Zenith Design Studio’s Precinct Seating: Flexibility for the dynamic topography of a modern office

Zenith’s new furniture range leans into the shift towards more responsive working spaces. Precinct Seating comprises a cleverly designed selection of elements that can be combined in a myriad of ways to generate unique configurations that accommodate individual needs and preferences.

The modular elements of the collection can be assembled to create new working environments within an existing space, allowing the arrangements to be modified as needed. Accounting for evolving workplace requirements, which range from the need for privacy and focussed work to collaborative settings and group-led activities, Precinct Seating enables the employees to define the shape of the configuration and determine the character of the space. In creating those empowering and bespoke spatial settings, the collection has been designed to bring the ease and comfort of a residential context into the office. The gentle, inviting roundness of each element helps create workspaces that aren’t only incredibly functional but also deliberately soft and comfortable.

The Precinct Ottomans are the collection’s most simple yet most versatile elements. The more robust, broad and angular shapes lend themselves to more collaborative settings. At the same time, the more petite, rounded seats – equipped with leather straps for ease of movement and added adaptability – can double up as a leg rest or coffee perch. The ottomans are also terrific devices that allow the employee to open or close off the space, empowering the workforce to actively and momentarily sculpt and adapt their surroundings.

A slight step-up from the simplicity of the ottomans, the Precinct Lounge Module can be incorporated as a stand-alone seat or a wrap-around nook when combined with other elements from the collection. A sense of seclusion created by the alcove is ideal for individual or collaborative work. It can be further enhanced by the addition of privacy screens – an easy way to develop a sense of separation from the bustling office environment.

Taking the idea of privacy and seclusion one step further, the Precinct Focus Lounge has been designed to provide a refuge in a busy work setting and features tall screens that envelop its soft silhouette from all three sides. Available as a single, double and three-seater, this comfortable lounge fosters individual work while encouraging participation and interaction, which results in a highly versatile seating option for any modern workplace.

Building on the collaborative aspect of the Precinct Focus Lounge, Precinct Meet Booth offers employees a chance to create an inviting, semi closed-off space in any setting. The booth is available in high and low screen encasing. The high screen offers a sense of seclusion by generating a physical barrier that separates the users from the busy surroundings, making it a fitting choice for activities that require undivided attention and focus. In contrast, low screens generate a more informal environment that entices spontaneous interactions and vibrant collaboration. The booth is available in a range of sizes and comes accompanied by a practical, D-shaped table that doubles as a casual café surface and a work desk all at once.

Celebrating diverse working styles, the dynamically changing needs of the workforce – and their individual requirements and preferences, Precinct Seating is an empowering collection of spatial solutions that provide much-needed comfort and flexibility in professional settings. Whether it’s individual work or an animated brainstorming session, the range offers a configuration that will facilitate it seamlessly – and leave room for modifications if and when required. The collection is now available from Zenith throughout APAC.

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