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The Future of Work Spaces in 2020 and Beyond

At the tail end of 2020, our work spaces have never looked more different, and the needs of our offices have never been more varied. Thankfully, Pedrali has you covered.

In recent years, it’s undeniable that our work spaces and offices have undergone a dramatic shift. In 2020, this has been even more drastic. Yet as life returns to normal, what does the future of office design look like?

The blurring between home and work has well and truly gone into the extreme this year, and as we gradually return to our offices and work spaces, it’s clear that a new normal is being established. Office design needs a total rejuvenation, a new line of thought, and a revamping of how we think of our workstations.

The work space of the future needs to become a dynamic and changeable space, and needs furniture solutions that match this flexible idea. In order to create tailor made, modular work spaces that can evolve and be rearranged according to the needs of the moment, we need furniture and equipment that is vastly different to the office needs of yesteryear.

Pedrali’s new collection of office furniture has been designed with the future of the work space in mind. Offices that enable greater interconnection, and evolution, while also designed to comply with social distancing protocols. It is a collection of furniture that allows for spaces to be reconfigured with ease throughout the day and combined with remote working.

With the present day advent of hybrid working models, based on the alternation of on site or remote work, this new range is an inspired solution to the tricky issue of what our work spaces should look like going forward.

Buddy Hub

The new Buddy Hub, designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, helps define collaborative areas that can be change in convention, being casual or formal as needed throughout the day.

The latest addition to the Buddy family – in which a wrap-around, sound absorbing panel envelops the seat in a sort of enclosed niche – maintains the friendly and playful design of the successful collection of poufs first launched in 2017 while increasing their versatility.

Available in both armchair and sofa configurations, the functional and efficient Buddy Hub offers an isolated alcove that encourages concentration while ensuring acoustic and visual privacy. Designed with an emphasis on modularity, two Buddy Hub can be paired and joined by means of a panel to which a table can be attached, creating an informal meeting space or break out area.

Ypsilon Connect

Designed by Jorge Pensi, Ypsilon Connect is a functional free standing, sound absorbing space divider. Featuring clean lines and easily placed in a variety of settings, Ypsilon Connect is characterised by acoustic panels that are shaped around a structure formed by two die-cast aluminium bases and extruded aluminium columns.

Designed for modern work spaces, the strength of the Ypsilon Connect lies in its customisation possibilities and modularity. Users can create evolving new layouts and manage their spaces in a changing way, creating welcoming office spaces or functional training and meeting rooms, even remotely.

Temps Low Back

Temps low back by Jorge Pensi is an updated version of the Temps executive chair, characterised by an elegant lower backrest, and fits seamlessly into in both office meeting rooms and residential settings.


Pure and elegant, Temps low back has a striking feature in its height-adjustable base made in die-cast aluminium. The chair guarantees excellent ergonomics and comfort thanks to its weight-activated, synchro-tilt mechanism that is able to regulate the degree of tilting autonomously according to the user’s body weight.

Toa Table

Responding to the needs of 2020’s work spaces, the Toa table designed by Robin Rizzini, is now available in a wider range of sizes. A modular table in length and width is the perfect choice for the modern work spaces and can be used to create different settings.

Equally suitable for light offices, executive rooms and residential spaces, Toa works perfectly as a desk, conference table, or in the largest version, even a boardroom table. Another feature of this versatile and multi-tasking table facilitates the management of cables through three different types of top-access power connection units, which can be tailor made according to the customer’s requirements.

Toa Folding Screen

Designed to match the aesthetics of the table, the Toa Folding Screen was conceived to meet the mobility and layout requirements of modern work spaces as well as respond to current social distancing needs.

The Toa Folding Screen is a sound absorbing desktop panel designed by Robin Rizzini that separates and defines spaces. It’s also the perfect solution for home working spacial arrangements. Given that it is extremely lightweight, the screen can be folded with ease and moved from one place to another, creating a defined and sound-proofed workstation.

Arki Table Adjustable Desk 

The new Arki-Table adjustable desk features a practical, height-adjustable top and has been designed as an all in one solution to workstation needs. The table allows the user to work both standing up and sitting down, for optimal comfort and ergonomics.

The cable access, placed between the top and the panel, allows to anchor the sound absorbing panel upholstered in fabric which divides one desk from another. The panel can be easily removed and cleaned.

Arki-Desk and Arki-Bench

The Arki-Desk is a linearly designed table that is particularly versatile and suitable for the flexible needs of modern work spaces and home offices.

The Arki-Bench meanwhile is a modular bench that represents the ideal solution both for office spaces and for common areas in the contract and hospitality sectors, and is also suitable for outdoor use.

Meeting rooms that can be transformed into multiple workstations, informal meeting spaces that can turn into training rooms, a mix of in office and at home work… the future of our work spaces has never been so varied. Thanks to Pedrali, these changes aren’t things to fear. The future of work has honestly never looked so exciting.

Art direction by Studio FM Milano | Photography by Andrea Garuti

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