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Lighting designs that create a memorable glow

Enlightened Living is renowned for their extensive collection of spectacular luminaires from some of the most esteemed designers and brands across the globe. Here, we take a look at three lighting products that bring exemplary function and unbounded design possibilities.

Lighting designs that create a memorable glow

From accessory to centrepiece and everywhere in between, light fittings will be design mainstays forever. Contemporary lighting design is as diverse as ever, but themes of elegant simplicity and sustainability continue to be illuminated. Read ahead with us as we adventure through three exceptional lighting products from Enlightened Living, each of which generate maximum aesthetic and functional impact while using minimal materials.  

Nimba 120 by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole

Enlightened Living

Named after the nimbus, the Nimba light by Antoni Arola for Santa&Cole creates an ethereal experience for anyone that finds themselves drenched in its unforgettable glow. 

Nimba is defined by a distinctive, metallic structure which serves multiple functions; housing its innovative light technology and concealing an inner shade that diffuses and controls the direction of luminosity throughout the space. Made up of a sequence of xenon light bulbs, known as Agavekov, Nimba’s lighting technology is renowned for its exceptional resistance and durability, making it a superior choice for expansive interiors.

“The peculiarity of this design, consisting of a string of very small bulbs, is that in addition to project warm, soft light, it can curve in both directions,” explains Antoni Arola. “The aim was to make a hoop with it and hang it from the ceiling using barely visible clips. We added a translucent circular interior shade, which diffused the light and covered the hoop producing a halo of light.”

With its angelic glow, Nimba conjures spiritual imagery of celestial beings gently crossing the boundaries of time, space, and energy. Nimba’s sophisticated lighting technology, expert engineering and timeless simplicity create calm ambiences and transcendental moments with a warm touch.

Framed by Jacco Maris

Enlightened Living

Geometry comes to life with Jacco Maris’ Framed collection. Embracing the beauty of simple silhouettes, this collection punctuates and completes the space it inhabits – each piece is a bold statement in a refined form. 

Since 1994, Jacco Maris light fittings have been individually handcrafted. Using minimal materials, every fitting makes the most of its materiality – this collection recreates geometric shapes on multiple planes, hot rolling them into steel profiles and integrating lighting. 

Enlightened Living

Suspended, leaning, wall-mounted, up- and down-light editions in Framed give you endless creative possibilities, supplemented by customisable sizes, cable lengths and finishes. 

Sky Dome by Pablo Pardo

Enlightened Living

Timeless, modern, endlessly sleek: meet Sky Dome by Pablo Pardo. This pendant is both striking and natural in silhouette, comprising a curved reflective panel suspended above a minimal, steel light source. 

The materiality of Sky Dome contributes to both its function and visual presence. The dome (available in spun aluminium or pressed wood) gently reflects the light emitted upwards by the flat globe, while the reflected light itself diffuses the downlight emitted directly from the globe. The Earth was considered greatly when selecting materials for this product too, with the materials being 97% recyclable and the silhouette designed for disassembly. 

Sky Dome is surprising, clever, and much more than meets the eye. At first glance, it is a two-part pendant with contrasting materials, but upon closer inspection the harmony between globe, dome, and reflected light is illuminated. 

Enlightened Living

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