Enlightened Living

Enlightened Living

Enlightened Living (formerly ECC Lighting+Furniture) is proud to bring some of the world’s leading lighting and furniture brands to Australia. Our association with our brands, commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest design and technical advances, and our encouragement and support of the local design industry continuously reaffirm this.

The specialized staff at Enlightened Living are dedicated to the retail or commercial areas of the business, which provides an unparalleled level of service and professionalism in the Australian marketplace.

Enlightened Living searches the world for innovative designs year-round to provide solutions for all your lighting, furniture, and design needs. We are skilled in sourcing products to meet project briefs that include everything from small residential refits, to larger – commercial buildings and major landmarks. We are proud to have established successful relationships with architects, designers, and clients throughout Australia, and we look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate how a company focused on quality and trust can meet your own personal, lighting, and furniture needs.

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Enlightened Living, formerly ECC Lighting + Furniture, brings the finest in European lighting and furniture design to Australia. We are privileged to represent many of the most sought-after designers in the world. Every item in our collection has been personally selected with an eye for the unique and original, something we have a true passion for.

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bathroom lights mirror basin

Bathroom lighting explained

Flexible lighting solutions to help you get the most out of your bathroom design.

Feel the world in a new light with Tobias Grau

According to Le Corbusier, the struggle for it underpins the history of architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright described it as a “beautifier of buildings”. And Motoko Ishii famously equated it to life itself. Indispensable, life-affirming and metamorphic, light underpins all architectural and design efforts.

Lighting designs that create a memorable glow

Enlightened Living is renowned for their extensive collection of spectacular luminaires from some of the most esteemed designers and brands across the globe. Here, we take a look at three lighting products that bring exemplary function and unbounded design possibilities.

Shining a light on the art of expressive lighting design

With a focus on quality craftsmanship, tradition and superior function, Enlightened Living continues to illuminate our everyday spaces with their extensive collection of timeless lighting products.

Astro Lighting: International design with a British core

We sit down with Astro Lighting’s Cofounder and Design Director, James Bassant, to talk about the design philosophy fuelling the international success of the brand, the importance of being accessible – and why Astro never aspired to be achingly cool.

A sculptural selection that balances art and function

With a long-lasting commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest design and technical innovations, Enlightened Living brings a curated selection of pieces sourced from every corner of the globe to the Australian market.

Behinds the scenes with artisanal lighting designer, Toscot

The designer and managing director of Toscot, Colin Patrick Dinley, talks to us about the artisanal appeal of Tuscany, how the brand merges traditional craft and innovation – and why they make lamps, not plates.

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