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Fresh off the press! Krost’s 2018 catalogue inspires and informs

The Krost 2018 catalogue is here and wants to help take your project to the next level! Here we guide you through their comprehensive portfolio of product for 2018.

Krost have done it again. As we recently reported, 2017 was the year that the commercial furniture powerhouse conquered the divide between digital and print to deliver a comprehensive, cross-platform product offering and experience that inspired and informed. Now, with the launch of their stunning new 2018 catalogue, Krost doubles down on their efforts, taking design up yet another level.


From the moment you first set eyes on the 2018 catalogue, it’s immediately apparent that it is entirely in a league of its own. A bold, minimalist cover in trendy Millennial Pink is blank but for the text “Krost Business Furniture 2018 Catalogue” aligned dead centre in crisp, white font. The back cover is in a similar design vein, featuring only the Krost logo on the bottom edge. Spot gloss and embossing add subtle touches of luxe to the catalogue, which immediately displays the restrained, tasteful sophistication that characterises the Krost product offering. Overall, the first impression conveyed by the cover is that of a brand so confident in its identity and product selection that it (rightfully) feels no need to embellish or oversell.


Indeed, this self-assurance underpins all aspects of the catalogue’s design, from the cover to the contents. Unpretentious and clearly, logically laid out, the catalogue is at once stylish and frank, providing customers with all the necessary information in clear, easy to read terms. A pastel colour palette is maintained throughout the catalogue’s glossy spreads, which are colour coded into different sections that correspond with different furniture categories. To flip through the catalogue is to traverse the length of a rainbow: from the green of Workstations and mauve of Screens to the cool blue of Seating and purple of Storage.


Beyond providing a clear, memorable way of navigating the catalogue’s contents, the muted palette is paired with clean, minimalist graphic design to allow large, high-res product images to take centre stage. Wordy explanations and promotional text are eschewed in favour of emphasising pictures of the products in use, often in conjunction with one another. In a bold move that sets Krost even farther apart from their competitors and reflects their ethos of maximum transparency, all pricing details are provided in the catalogue. Warranty periods are also clearly identified at the top of each product page.


As in previous years, the 2018 catalogue features new products and old favourites alike, and is carefully curated to capture the imagination of the entire market, from A+D professionals to end users and corporate customers. To this end, for the first time ever, the catalogue avails of vibrant double spread, full bleed renders that help the reader visualise Krost products in situ. From green wall-lined kitchens to sleek corporate lobbies and boardrooms, the catalogue places Krost furniture at the heart of a breadth of diverse environments that hint at the versatility of the Krost offering.



A large part of what makes the Krost 2018 catalogue so special is the fact that it is more than just a catalogue. In characteristic fashion, the Krost team endeavoured to craft both a guide to Krost‘s expansive product selection and a design resource for the A+D market. Throughout the publication, product listings are bookended with practical information to help ensure the best commercial furniture outcome.


Key pieces of knowledge such as ergonomics and space planning concepts are clearly explained using plain English and helpful diagrams, while other use-specific tips appear in the relevant sections. At the beginning of the Tables chapter, for example, a section entitled “How Many People Fit?” lists the number of people that can be comfortably seated in each of Krost’s standard table sizes. How’s that for practical?


In equal parts visual feast and highly functional, the 2018 catalogue is the perfect embodiment of the Krost product offering. Its glossy pages provide an inspirational insight into the potential of commercial furniture, and prove that Krost is not only up to date with the latest trends and products – it leads the pack, and sets the curve for whatever is coming next.

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