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You set the rhythm for your working day: the OE1 mission

Here’s an innovative furniture collection that is focused on empowering the people who use it. From individuals to teams, to designers – OE1 from Herman Miller puts the emphasis on finding your rhythm in today’s hyper fluid work-life.

You set the rhythm for your working day: the OE1 mission

While “change of scenery” has always had a positive connotation and enticed visuals of reinvigorating exhilaration, unbound curiosity and optimistic anticipation, the lack of reprieve from the constantly shifting work environment could tip the scale towards a sense of overwhelm and detachment.

However, Herman Miller’s intuitive, modular and mobile workplace proposition injects a sense of ownership, simplicity and joy into this notion of fluidity.

OE1 Workplace collection encourages individuals to easily curate their own experience in line with their needs and preferences – at the same time, enabling designers to help occupants of commercial workplaces engage with their shifting surroundings in a meaningful and personal way. The innovative range, anchored in Herman Miller’s extensive research and solution-oriented design mission, allows both employers and employees to find their own rhythm through intuitive, flexible and easy interactions with cleverly optimised workplace essentials.

One floor plate, infinite configurations

Built with modularity and mobility in mind, the flexible collection allows organisations to move individual pieces as and when required, to genuinely transform existing floor plans in response to change – and liven up the underutilised areas of the office in the process.

As a result, an organisation can scale up and down, or simply shift things around, to reflect its evolving needs, goals and preferences – and empower teams and individuals to do exactly the same.

Healthy boundaries

An excellent expression of the innate flexibility of this range, and its capacity to uncover limitless spatial possibilities of any floor plan, the easy to move around OE1 Agile Wall is a mobile boundary that makes sectioning off specific areas of the office quick and easy.

Whether it’s about space definition or creating a collaborative area for an impromptu team huddle, this sub-architectural mobile wall enables organisations to truly harness the potential of an open office by putting up temporary walls when, and where, needed.

Ideas on the move

Rooted in the same premise of mobility, the OE1 Mobile Easel and OE1 Wall Rail and Board have been designed to work in tandem to enable teams and individuals to keep their ideas flowing – and moving, wherever they may go.

Light and mobile, both elements of the collection nurture the idea of an agile, collaborative environment that can be adapted at speed. The whiteboard and tackable surface of the OE1 Mobile Easel ensure ideas can be communicated clearly, quickly and openly, while  doubling up as a movable partition – and the hanging display board system enables teams to take the ideas with them.

Big things  in small packages

With an incredibly efficient foot-print, OE1 Micro Packs pack a lot into a compact, unassuming form. These height-adjustable workstations are bound to enhance the agile profile of any space, by providing an adaptable station that offers privacy and respite – much like the popular OE1 Nook, which boasts a design that ensures a sense of  visual and acoustic seclusion anywhere in the workplace.

Their impressive size to capability ratio and flexible profile make them the perfect addition to work environments where teams fluctuate in size or host visitors who may need a place to work.

Kitchen bench on wheels

In the dynamic workplace where everyone – and everything – is constantly on the move, OE1 Communal Table offers a trustworthy meeting place for teams and individuals.

In contrast to OE1 Nook and Micro Packs’ petite dimensions and private profile, OE1 Communal Table – alongside some of the other options like OE1 Huddle Table or OE1 Project Table – offers an expansive collaboration space, while still maintaining the option to move as required. 

The magic box

Another one of interior architects and designer’s favourites, OE1 Storage Trolleys, is a compact encapsulation of all the characteristics of the collection. The mobile unit has been designed for personal storage and offers vast customization opportunities. From featuring open or enclosed sides, to doubling as a comfortable seat, the trolley truly embodies the collection’s multi-purpose design profile.

And, like all the other elements of this clever range, OE1 Storage Trolleys can be integrated instantly – as part of the complete OE1 Workplace fit out, or alongside other workplace furniture, with its slim and pared back design making it a perfect fit for any aesthetic.

The flexibility and intuitive character of the collection’s light and minimalist designs, and the multifaceted profile of each individual element, are matched by the diversity of available configurations and colours, ensuring that OE1 Workplace can help nurture evolving work habits, styles and preferences – and echo any company’s unique personality.

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