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Designed to intrigue: Breeze embodies monolithic ambiguity

Australian designer, Ross Gardam presents the new table collection of Breeze: where light and design interplay to create an extraordinary furniture experience.

Designed to intrigue: Breeze embodies monolithic ambiguity

For Ross Gardam, the power of light in our everyday spaces is paramount. Throughout his career, his products have showcased their ability to reimagine our relationship with furniture and design, creating experiences unlike any other. With his combination of an experiential understanding and a unique outlook on form and function, every Ross Gardam product is imbued with a deep fascination of the space existing between object and self.

The result are a range of collections that continue to elicit joy – reconnecting us with traditional Australian craftsmanship and creating extraordinarily immersive experiences within great, contemporary design. And the new Breeze Collection does no less.

This year, following his recent launches of Place and Ceto, Ross Gardam introduces the new graphic table collection of Breeze. Featuring a side table, coffee table, circular meeting table and meeting/dining table, the Breeze family reimagines the way we interact with light and the surfaces around us. This special collection explores the divergence of mass planner forms and the subtle light play produced by them.

For the initial inspiration, Gardam was intrigued by the sculptural work of Richard Serra; particularly his use of scale, weight, and monolithic form, which is unparalleled to anything else. Combined with Gardam’s fascination with light play, Breeze is a sculpture piece: bold, artful and technically innovative all in one.

The design process involved working with local manufacturers to achieve a pared-back concept, yet breathtakingly complex in craftsmanship. “The bending of the aluminum panels was the most challenging aspect of the product,” Gardam expresses. “Developing three custom moulds and then bending different gauges of aluminium to such long radius was the most difficult aspect; we really pushed the material to the limits of what was achievable.”

The way light and shadow play on surfaces has a key role in the creative process for Gardam’s lighting pieces. Similar to his previous collections, Breeze was designed with the integral role of light in mind. Made with Gardano stone from Artedomus, Gardam believed that it was the perfect pairing for Breeze’s monolithic form and expressive personality. The strong characters shown in Gardano align itself with the captivating qualities of natural, fluid and transcendental light.

“Breeze is the first furniture piece to cross over into this space of light, shadow and surface,” Gardam notes. “Gradients of light on the curved panels seamlessly falling into the next is a subtle effect; however, to me, is the essence of the product.”   

Breeze was also designed with versatility and functionality in mind. Fitted together by three simple fasteners, the products can be easily and quickly assembled into its full form. The product is also available to be flat-packed; making it easily transportable and accessible without any worry of damage, to every corner of the globe. As the Gardam brand continues to grow into international shores, every product is designed to the ever-changing nature of the industry.

Renowned for creating products for commercial and residential spaces; as well as the magical juggling point of the in-between, Breeze is more than just a simple table. It has been refined to suit every user’s needs in every type of environment.

“The refinement the product has undergone means it is truly multifunctional, especially as a dining or meeting table solution. Inbuilt is the ability to run power and data, so I see a lot of commercial outcomes for this product, which were perhaps not the priority at the start of the project,” Gardam adds. “I think the final product is more than I had envisaged – and it’s really refreshing to design something like it.”

When asked about his design philosophy, he expresses, “I think my design philosophy is always evolving – perhaps one of the nicer things about growing older.”

“But there are some core attributes that I don’t think will shift; I believe in the purity of materials, processes and ideas. When you first view Breeze, it appears asymmetrical and it’s only when you pick it up that you realise its symmetrical. That ambiguity of form is something I’m attracted to with product design.”

Time and time again, we see pops of creativity that disrupt the design scene; the movers and shakers of our industry that surprise and excite the audience. Here at Indesign, we have come to know, understand and experience the magical qualities and unique charm that the products of Ross Gardam bring to the everyday. With Breeze, we are re-introduced to Gardam’s ability to intrigue and provoke emotion – all through the inspiring narrative between a single light and great design.

Breeze is available across Australia through Stylecraft. 
Photography by Haydnt Cattach. 

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