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The rise of the mini-office

The Bosselino phone pod by Bosse provides workers with a flexible, private retreat set within today’s fast-paced open-plan office environments.

The rise of the mini-office

Workplaces have evolved significantly in recent decades. Gone are the cubicles and private offices of yesteryear, replaced by open-plan layouts and shared spaces. By breaking down these walls, organisations assumed that they would be making way for greater collaboration, which in turn would improve productivity.

In practice, issues with noise, distractions and a lack of privacy within open architecture can have the opposite effect, reducing productivity and even triggering a natural human response to socially withdraw from colleagues.

In the context of workplace design, it is clear that too much privacy can be a problem, but so can too little of it. Part of the global Dauphin HumanDesign Group, Bosse is helping companies find the balance with its Bosselino phone pod with integrated ION-Cloud system.

An office within an office

The Bosselino phone pod is a veritable mini-office, a room-in-room solution that addresses the modern nature of work in open-plan offices. Standing at 2.14m in height and 97.5cm in width and depth, it is a compact, portable office that provides an indispensable private workspace for users to seclude themselves to take a phone call or video call without ever leaving the floor.

Bosselino’s acoustic wall and floor panels and framed glass door establish superior acoustic performance, reducing sound by 35 decibels. These features block unwanted noise from coming in and keep confidential conversations inside the cube, meaning users can rest assured that they can work or take calls without being interrupted, or distracting their co-workers.

Taking comfort to the next level, the Bosselino features energy-efficient lighting, low-noise ventilation with constant air exchange, and ionised clean air, all of which are activated by hidden motion sensors. These elements combine to create a healthy interior environment that is ideal for focused work, private meetings, or as a flexible retreat for creativity and taking a break.

The Bosselino underscores its youthful design, with aesthetic and functional flair. Natural materials like wood veneer and soft edges are used throughout to add warmth and character. The built-in shelf ensures a comfortable space for working and supports small laptops, tablets, and smartphones, while the wall mount bracket allows video calls to be taken at eye level.  The unit can be powered from any electrical outlet, and personal device charging is supported.

Meeting modern demands for adaptability and flexibility, Bosselino can be assembled in 30 minutes, with no heavy or permanent construction required. The base has casters, which enable it to be repositioned on the floor with a few easy steps.

The power of negative ions

The Bosse ION-Cloud system can be configured in the Bosselino or retrofitted at any time using ‘plug and play’. The ION-Cloud simulates nature by introducing negative ions into its enclosed environments. The negative ions adhere to positively-charged harmful particles in the air thus inactivating viruses, neutralising bacteria and minimising the effects of pollen, fungal spores, smoke and fine dust.

The value of ION-Cloud lies in its ability to clean and detoxify the air, minimising the risk of infection from airborne pathogens and promoting general health, mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. The ION-Cloud system has been scientifically tested with regard to its effect on bacteria and viruses including Influenza, Coronavirus and Staphylococcus aureus.

For over 40 years, Bosse has been developing room-in-room systems that address the need for acoustic privacy and comfort in open offices. The brand’s focus on improving air hygiene with their range of innovative workplace solutions helps create a revitalising indoor climate in any interior.



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