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Vince Squillace collaborates with Gineico Interiors

Collaboration has become a vital part of the design industry, and a tool that creates opportunity and drives growth. One such industry collaboration is between lighting expert Pierluigi, founder of Gineico Interiors and Vince Squillace, architect and director of Squillace Architects. We chat to Vince about how he came to collaborate with Gineico Interiors and their approach to finding the right lighting solutions.

Vince Squillace collaborates with Gineico Interiors


August 24th, 2015

Name: Vince Squillace

Occupation: Architect

Location: Sydney and Melbourne

Company: Squillace Architects and Interiors

Position: Director

What interests you most about lighting design?

Lighting is a critical ingredient, in how a building is perceived both inside and out. Direct sunlight, natural light and artificial light play important, and quite often different, role in characterising a space. From the basic function of providing sufficient light to undertake the tasks that the space is designed for, to creating a certain ambiance designed to enhance the space, lighting needs to be carefully designed so that it enhances the experience of the space.

How does lighting impact a space? Can you talk a little to its importance in design?

The selection of lighting will drastically alter the characteristics of the space. One could choose understated or concealed light sources to create a space where indirect and diffused lighting, and its reflection and shadows on the built forms, create the desired effect. On the other hand, maybe the space calls for one or more “special pieces”, where the lighting is also about the architecture of the light source itself. Both of these scenarios are effective and have their own application. Lighting solutions are an integral part of the design of a space, it must be well considered as the space will not realise its full potential without a well thought and thorough lighting design.

What are qualities that you look for when choosing lighting? Can you talk a little about your design process?

The first thing I would assess is the use of the space. Does it need flexibility? And what other items are in the space? The second step would be to look at task specific lighting that is required for the space to function for its intended use. For example, a kitchen bench or a desk needs a certain amount of lighting. The next step for me is to determine how I can light the space, usually with sift diffused lighting that doesn’t produce harsh shadows. I generally don’t like too many downlights, especially when they cast a shadow over peoples face – people look so much better in an environment of diffused and warm lighting.  Finally, do we need a piece?  Maybe low level lighting down a corridor or stairs, perhaps a pendant over a dining room.  Is there art that needs lighting? How do we get light at a vanity in front but not on top of the user? Is the exterior of the building about indirectly lighting a sculptural building or do we need a statement? Am I uplighting the landscaping or is there minimal soft landscaping hence warranting another piece? There is a different solution in rooms that accommodate different uses. Lighting needs to be very well thought out.

How did you come to work with Gineico Interiors?

Piereuigi and I met on a project, I think it was Hugos Manly. Piereuigi assisted us in sourcing a particular type of wall light with a specific finish that we were looking for. I have since found that the personal service that he offers is fantastic. Whether we need a catalogued item or something custom-made, Gineico always seems to have worthwhile options.

Can you please talk us through a recent project where you have used Gineico Interiors’ products?

One project that stands out is a house that we have been working on.  The house has a simple palette of finishes. The spaces require interesting indirect light sources. The effect of bouncing light around the surfaces and various forms require specific attention to each selection.

What were the benefits of using these products? Can you please explain some of the project’s outcomes in relation to the lighting solutions? 

The products were basically exactly what we were looking for. Warm strip LEDs, simple but attractive ceiling mounted lighting, minimal but beautiful track lighting for custom recessed pelmets, simple uplighting that uses a white ceiling to indirectly light a space. We were able to directly and indirectly light different areas of this particular house as we saw fit.  The result is fantastic.

What has your experience been like working with Gineico Interiors been? Do you enjoy collaborating on projects?

I very much enjoy collaborating with Gineico Interiors. They approach all challenges with a positive attitude and always seem to find a solution, even if it means customising.

How would you describe Gineico Interiors product offerings? What do you like most about Gineico’s approach to lighting?

Very suitable high quality fittings that are compatible to our design approach, which as you can gather is minimal, simple, indirect lighting with the odd piece. I like the compatibility to our approach to lighting.

What aspects of Gineico Interiors do you think stand out? 

All things equal – they really do have nice fittings but the stand out is the service and follow up that you get from Pierluigi.

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