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He is trained in many fields, but it is Daniel Dorall’s art practice – informed by his fascination with the formal properties of creating miniature maze-like constructions – that is taking the spotlight.

BY jesse

May 5th, 2008

Daniel Dorall completed a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Melbourne in 2005. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with honours at the University of Malaya. But his passion, it seems lies in smaller things.

Daniel is an Melbourne-based artist with a fascination for scale, and his artwork cleverly merges his knowledge and skill gained from formal training in architecture, with artistic flair.

“My current art practice is informed by my fascination with the formal properties and possibilities of creating miniature maze-like constructions," says Daniel.

"This fascination stems from my background training in architecture. I have always thought that the best buildings were not only functional, but resonate on an emotional level through their spatial registers."

"Although the maze may refer to certain historical or cultural conception of a tour puzzle, my interest lies in employing the maze as the conceptual medium of my artwork." 

Lets be honest, there is something strangely charming and captivating about small scale things, and when presented in the form of professional art, such as Daniel’s, we can all be taken on the journey to the wonderful world of mini.  

Daniel Dorall will exhibit his solo works at The Kiosk @ The Physics Room, Christchurch this May, Majorca Windows @ Platform Artist Group this July, and Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne in September.


Daniel Dorall is represented by Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne.


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