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Q+A with Breathe Architecture

Melbourne-based Breathe Architecture are clearly passionate about what they do. We have a chat with this inspired and thoughtful firm.

BY Tess Ritchie

January 12th, 2015

Above: Breathe Architecture Staff, partial image. Full image below

• Where are you based?

Brunswick, Victoria

• How would you describe your practise in a few words?

A design practice that marries ethic with aesthetic

• What sets your practise apart?

We only work with good people on good projects

• Has your firm developed a style or philosophy over the years? How would you describe this?

We operate by a code of ethics. We care about the city and its people and the impact our architecture can have on them. This informs our design decisions but does not lock us into a prescriptive “style”.

• What do you believe to be the main forces and challenges for the practice of architecture? What do you think they will be in the future?

The main forces and challenges are that increased population and climate change are informing the way we design. People want to return back to community living and we are inspired by this.

• In what ways have you seen the profession of architecture change since you entered the industry? Are these good or bad?

We’re seeing multitudes of good young firms doing great work with a social agenda in mind. These upstarts could be the future to more meaningful architecture.

• What are your plans for the future?

To work on meaningful projects. To use our architects registration for the forces of good not evil.

• What advice do you have for aspiring architects or designers?

You have to love it.


Breathe Architecture

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