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Greening Parcel Deliveries for the Built Environment

Presented by Groundfloor

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Session Synopsis

The rise of e-commerce and the associated increase in parcel deliveries has had unintended environmental consequences. While the benefits in terms of convenience and efficiency are undeniable, more deliveries also mean more couriers moving through buildings, using lifts and knocking on doors. This increased foot traffic equates to higher energy costs (and carbon emissions), higher elevator cleaning and maintenance costs, and increased wear and tear. What is the solution? How can those who live and work in these affected buildings hope to maintain the benefits associated with e-commerce while minimising congestion and foot traffic? Parcel Management Systems are touted as a potential solution. But what are these systems, where can they be incorporated and why are they better?


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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation you should be able to –

  • Identify the negative consequences associated with the rise in e-commerce and therefore parcel deliveries, particularly for multi-storey commercial and residential buildings.
  • Outline the emerging alternatives that can help alleviate these impacts. Examples include parcel management systems that enable deliveries for all occupants to be made to a single pick-up point.
  • Detail the typical component parts (software, security protocols, parcel lockers, etc.) of parcel management systems and how they interact to deliver parcels securely and efficiently.
  • Identify the potential financial, social, and environmental benefits associated with such systems.
  • Apply your critical evaluation to choose an appropriate parcel management system for a given project.

AACA Competency Standards

Design: Project Briefing 1.2
Design: Pre Design 2.6
Design: Conceptual Design 3.3
Design: Schematic Design 4.2, 4.5
Documentation: Detailed Design 5.2


Lauren Melton. Co-founder & Director, Groundfloor

Lauren Melton is co-founder and Director at Groundfloor™. Groundfloor smart delivery locker solutions for the built environment automate efficient, secure, and hygienic deliveries and improve the sustainability of our cities. Lauren is a systems engineer who has founded, operated and invested in technology businesses globally, from start-ups to the Fortune 500.

Dale O’Brien. Partner, Gray Puksand

Dale is an accomplished Interior Designer with over 20 years of industry experience, a reflection of his recent promotion to Partner at Gray Puksand. His primary focus is leading wellness, workspace, retail and commercial projects.

Dale’s passion for design and the people who inhabit them drive him to create spaces that enrich user experience. Dale has an intimate understanding of construction methodology, programming and consultant coordination that enable him to produce work at the cutting edge of design.

Liam Timms. Fund Manager, International Towers Sydney

Liam Timms has been an influential player in Australia’s property investment landscape for more than two decades. He is currently the fund manager of Lendlease International Towers Sydney, a $4.3billion wholesale property fund with a portfolio of award-winning commercial properties. These include the 2019 Australian Development of the Year ‘International House’ and International Towers – Tower Two & Tower Three within Sydney’s most dynamic urban regeneration precinct – Barangaroo. Liam is the driving force behind a unique curated tenancy model focused on diversity, community and sustainability with the fund recognised by The Australian Financial Review as the 21st Most Innovative Company in Australia and New Zealand in 2018.


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