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Finding middle ground between open and private workspaces

Orangebox’s Coppice provides offices with a compact single space work booth that allows for the safety and privacy seen in a working from home environment.

Finding middle ground between open and private workspaces

While the COVID-19 pandemic fast tracked the need for offices to provide more versatile spaces, they were already on the way. In some instances products that provided the ability to reconfigure a floorplan on a whim were already available, and one of these was the Orangebox Coppice.

While open-plan office spaces certainly still have a place within the future of workplaces as we know it despite the debate that surrounds them, there is a growing need for private, enclosed spaces for employees, which the Coppice provides. Built on the mantra of ‘Me + We,’ the Coppice is a stand-alone, single occupancy work booth that provides a high level of acoustic comfort, increasing the productivity of those doing focused work tasks.

The Orangebox Coppice is designed so that a small number of components can facilitate a wide range of configurations.

Collaborative and individual modes of work are critical to the creative process of a workplace, and both require their own place within the office. Orangebox’s Coppice allows for isolated working within an open plan space, allowing for people to still have their own personal space in a collaborative office. Designed so that a small number of components can facilitate a wide range of configurations, the product consists of five key smart panels that suit multiple scenarios and offer diverse planning options. 

Deliberately compact to ensure minimal footprint on a floor plan, the Coppice’s organic shape maximises privacy, without the need for expansive spaces to fit people into their own personal area. The felt panels have excellent acoustic properties, removing the need for additional foams and fabrics on the main boards. The main partition that divides the individual workspaces are constructed from a bent honeycomb birch plywood structure. This provides an ease of mobility if ever the floor plan changes.

Work booths offer a stripped-down palette of materials and colours.

The pandemic has definitely shifted focus towards what the modern day office now looks like. The working from home movement has created a desire for employees to feel comfortable in an office context that may not feel like home, but is one that is most certainly theirs, that gives them the ability to control privacy and safety as they have in a home environment. Orangebox have considered this, and the Coppice provides employers with a product that can do this effectively in a compact space.

The Coppice’s compact footprint helps makes use of the best available space.

Orangebox Coppice work booths offer a stripped-down palette of materials and colours, designed to suit any office aesthetic. Available as a workbooth with an upholstered personal screen, an open workbooth with an upholstered personal screen and an 8-person focus bay with an upholstered personal screen, Orangebox have thoughtfully considered the need for privacy in an open plan space and have catered for this evolution with these configurations.

Clean lines and minimal components celebrate the inherent qualities of the Coppice’s materials.

The Orangebox Coppice is proudly distributed nationally through Steelcase Australia. 



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