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Milliken Couture: Bespoke Carpet Design at Your Feet

Milliken Ontera has been at the forefront of flooring design in Australia for over 30 years now. This year, their pioneering spirit and unique creative ability are crowned with a new range which opens up the floor to anyone wanting to transform their concept into one of a kind flooring solution in just three weeks.

Milliken Couture: Bespoke Carpet Design at Your Feet

Setting a precedent for seamless and efficient bespoke flooring design, the Milliken Couture range perfectly encapsulates the brand’s capability to create unique, tailored carpeting solutions – now underpinned by a new, simplified design process.

Comprising four distinct stages that include CONCEPT, DESIGN, REFINE and PRODUCE, the new design process enables the customer to be fully involved from start to finish. From a detailed briefing, hands-on design process, ability to refine the design and swift production – the customer is a crucial contributor across each stage and can look forward to the finalised product in just three weeks from order date.

The process kick-starts with a digital submission of the design brief by the customer. The brief can be accompanied by a digital concept and inspirational visuals that might form part of the finished interior. If the customer doesn’t have a specific vision for the end product, Milliken Ontera offers a pre-existing collection of designs that can be recoloured and modified to the individual’s liking. This intricate and collaborative part of the process ensures that the achieved design precisely reflects the original vision and the in-house design team has a clear understanding of all relevant product requirements.

Following the comprehensive and collaborative briefing process, the design team then proposes a series of designs developed in line with the specified requirements. To ensure the proposed product can be evaluated in the intended environment, Milliken Ontera utilises a variety of visualisation techniques. In the review phase, the customer has a chance to assess the flooring design in a high-quality 3D room scene and on 2D a floor plan that showcases the positioning of the flooring design in relation to the layout of the space. In addition to that, the seaming diagram provides the exact placement of carpet tiles on the floor plate.

From there, the refinement stage begins. Based on the final builds from the customer, the finishing touches are applied, and the design is finalised. Once approved, the production can commence, and within four days from the order date, a sample of the final product is created to showcase the texture and final colouring of the target product.

Once again, through a collaborative process of reviews that allow the customer to appraise the aesthetic and tactile qualities of the final tile, the last touch-ups are incorporated both in the sample and through visualisation tools to offer a completed visual of the future state before the project is finalised – and the bespoke flooring design produced.

The unprecedented speed from initial concept to delivery of the final product is made possible both by Milliken’s proactive, communicative and helpful team and by their innovative technology which isn’t available with any other carpet manufacturer. This unique combination can transform any idea into a truly bespoke design solution in a collaborative and swift manner that makes space for inspiration, exploration, and quality.

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