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What is the state of technology in the bathroom?

With 68 per cent of people feeling that their bathroom spaces lack technological integrations (DigitalBridge), we look at how the humble bathroom is changing and an outstanding innovation that is breaking the mould.

All around us – our homes, workplaces and shops – are becoming more connected and more technologically driven. One room that, up to now, has lacked a level of innovation is the bathroom. With space continuing to be a valuable asset, particularly in multi-residential scenarios, one company has a solution that is set to disrupt. “Sometimes the most simple of concepts can cause the most disruption visually and functionally,” shares Rogerseller’s Product Manager Nicole Body, adding, “Surprisingly, in Australia new technology in the bathroom space moves quite slow.” What will continue to push the envelope in our bathroom spaces are design solutions that are clever, thoughtful, seamlessly integrated and multi-functional. 

Download this white paper to discover how innovation is being applied in bathroom design in an unexpected way.

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