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The Culture of Collaboration

By Neolith & CDK

In this live session, moderator Aleesha Callahan meets with Olivia Lee (Olivia Lee), Nathan Karpenko (CDK Stone) and Andrea Johnston (Neolith) to delve into the ideation, making, process, and collaboration that went into creating a unique installation specifically for Super Design.

Olivia has designed something special from her base in Singapore, working with Andrea in Hong Kong and Nathan in Sydney to dissolve borders and bring something fun, experimental and clever to life. Here we find out the story and the journey to turning an idea into a reality – all within an incredibly short amount of time – just 8 weeks and all with a completely unique material – Neolith.

Olivia Lee will take audiences through the process and narrative behind a special one-off product created through a collaboration with CDK Stone and Neolith.

On display in the CDK showroom, this must-attend event is an exclusive look at the story behind the design, the material and the deeply authentic creative process of one of the region’s best young designer

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