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Biophilic design with local flavours in a new carpet collection

Natural forms meet technological sophistication to produce GH Commercial’s Pattern Perfect® Native Collection of carpets. Step inside the factory to see how local flavours inform the design.

Inspiration from nature is the starting point for this new collection of high quality carpet tiles. Local manufacturing means that the designs are responding to trees in both Australia and New Zealand. By tuning into and taking inspiration from natural forms specific to local places, the design teams are placing biophilic principles at the heart of the product.

In particular, the colour and texture of various tree barks play into the design. Teams across the two countries collaborated but maintained a distinct sense of local sensitivity. The native Toatoa tree of New Zealand, for example, provided inspiration as well as two types of gum tree in Australia.

The three designs, developed for the first time using the Pattern Perfect® tufting machine, can be used individually or together. As Judy-Lea Engle of Godfrey Hirst New Zealand explains, working with multiple textures on these machines allows for “infinite design possibility and potential.”

The collection uses a subtle colour palette including greys and browns recalling the play of light and shadow on the textures of tree bark and further emphasising biophilic design principles.

Product Development Manager, Archie Kennedy, explains how a local manufacturing presence allows for better use of working equipment, more experimentation and faster turnaround times. GH Commercial combines this local presence with natural inspiration and technological innovation to produce the high quality Native Collection.

GH Commercial

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