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LED lighting ideas for a modern bathroom experience

High tech lighting can completely change the way that you experience your bathroom. Here are some of the best ideas in modern lighting design.

LED lighting ideas for a modern bathroom experience

Juliet Taylor


November 4th, 2022

Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom can have a drastic effect on the atmosphere you create. Lighting adds a mood to the room, whether that is bright and happy or low and mysterious. It can make a small bathroom seem huge or a large bathroom feel cosy. The form of lighting will make a massive difference – and from hanging lights to false ceilings, you are spoiled for choice.

There are a huge range of bathroom lighting designs that you could employ in your home renovation. Generally speaking, you want bathroom lighting that will compliment or enhance your existing décor. This means lighting fixtures which are designed in a similar style, which will create a sense of cohesion within the room. For example, hanging pendant lights are well suited to rustic, vintage and Scandinavian décors while high-tech LED lights and false ceilings suit a contemporary design much better.

LED lights are extremely versatile. There are multiple designs, styles and products available across Singapore – and each one suited to a different interior design setting. This is part of why LED lights have exploded in popularity in recent times.

LED lights are also the practical choice as they have a longer lifespan, greater energy efficiency, no heat or UV emissions, and are easily the most environmentally friendly modern lighting choice. LED lights will last 25 times longer than a traditional bulb and can save up to 80% of lighting costs.

To help you narrow down which LED lighting style would be best suited for your bathroom, here is a list of the best LED bathroom and toilet lights available in Singapore today.

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10. Simple overhead

bathroom lighting recessed false ceiling overhead

Overhead lighting is the most common style of bathroom lighting, particularly in Singapore. An overhead light is simply a light set into the ceiling which will cast a general wash over the room.

Overhead lights are available in abundance and easy to maintain – you can order a new bulb from just about anywhere in the event that yours begins to fail. However, traditional overhead lighting can be a little boring (especially if you are trying to create a distinctive bathroom style). A benefit of LED overhead lighting is that it often comes in interesting forms and shapes which will help to liven up the design of the room.

09. Warm

warm gold glow lighting in bathroom T5 LED

Too many bathrooms have made the mistake of installing cool lighting. Cool lighting in the bathroom creates a harsh, clinical atmosphere which can be quite unwelcoming. Instead, opt for warm T5 lights which will provide a soft glow over the room. This is a much nicer atmosphere and will help you to get ready calmly in the mornings as well as wind down in the evenings.

08. Wall lights

wall lighting LED bathroom

Wall lights are massively in fashion at the moment as the world searches for a more aesthetic alternative to traditional lighting. They provide a side wash which is more flattering than shadow-casting overhead lights (which can exaggerate bags under the eyes, forehead lines and shadows). Purchase the wall light pictured above here from Lights2go.

07. Spotlights

spotlights in bathroom shower textured feature wall display

Spotlights are a type of overhead lighting that provides a focused downward beam. This creates drama and intrigue within the bathroom lighting by highlighting features of the room such as the texture of the walls. Bathrooms which are lit by spotlights appear more dynamic and pleasant than ones lit by standard overhead lighting.

06. Strip lighting

LED strip lighting ceiling design

LED strip lighting is certainly the way of the future. Strip lights are a way to make the bathroom as bright as you need without bulky fixtures or bulbs taking up space. Lighting strips are probably the least conspicuous of all lighting types. They are similar to natural light in that you barely notice them inside a room. For a stylish, contemporary look, consider installing LED strip lighting along your ceiling, around the mirrors, or over the cabinets of your bathroom.

05. Multicoloured

colourful LED lights in futuristic bathroom purple

One of the huge benefits of LED lights compared to traditional lighting is that LED lights will give you a higher degree of control over the type, intensity and even colour of lighting wash that they provide. With the right LED system, you can switch between colours instantaneously – giving you endless opportunities to create an atmosphere that suits the situation.

04. Hanging light fitting

LED pendant light dangling down hanging in bathroom over bath square

LED lights can come in as many different styles as regular lights. The pendant design has long been a bathroom favourite for the sophistication it brings. This LED pendant light is the perfect example of how traditional designs can be reimagined to incorporate the opportunities of modern technology. You can purchase the pendant light pictured above here from Rubber Duck Bathrooms.

03. False ceiling

layered lighting cove lighting false ceiling recessed

When it comes to ceiling lighting ideas, there are few design choices better than a false ceiling. False ceilings give the opportunity for recessed, cove hybrid lighting. This means that you will have unprecedented control over the lighting in your bathroom.

Cove lighting creates a cosy and welcoming environment that feels more in tune with nature than harsh, bulky bulbs. A popular trend in Singapore lighting at the moment is the layering of multiple lighting types, with cove lighting usually along the ceiling joins and soft wall lighting serving as a focal design point for the room.

02. Mirror lighting

mirror with LED ring lighting buy online bathroom large

LED lighting is perfectly suited to illuminating mirrors. This is a luxurious and sophisticated design which has many practical benefits. A well-lit mirror will allow you to see your reflection much clearer, making your getting-ready process that much more efficient.

01. Smart lighting

Kohler lighting design smart lighting bathroom multicoloured vivid vision blue purple

Smart lighting may not have kicked off in residential bathrooms just yet, but rest assured that it is on its way. Kohler Co. has recently launched a number of ground-breaking lighting products designed to enhance the bathroom experience. Features include voice control, colour change, dimmers and more – a recipe for the perfect bath. Read more about Kohler Co. here.

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