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ADP: Addressing The Expansion Challenge Faced By Designers In Asia

Janus Huang, Regional President of Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP), tells us how his cross-spectrum design association helps Asia-based designers to crack the global market.

ADP: Addressing The Expansion Challenge Faced By Designers In Asia

Taiwan-based designers (from left) Fang Chun Chieh, Gideon Löwy, Yu Cheng Lo, Onion Yang and Shi Chieh Lu

We at Indesign Media were proud to have ADP as our Industry Partner for the INDE.Awards 2018. We previously reported on a fantastic opportunity for studios shortlisted in this year’s awards cycle: the offer of complimentary membership to the Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP). Shortlisted firms – look out for your letter of invitation!

ADP describes itself as the first cross-spectrum design association in Asia, its mission being to provide an international networking platform that reaches across and beyond Asia. To find out more about what ADP offers its members, and why it was established, we spoke to the association’s Regional President, Janus Huang.


Janus Huang, Regional President of ADP


What are some of the Asia-specific challenges faced by designers in this part of the world?

The Asia-specific challenge for designers is how to step onto the international stage. For Asian designers, it’s quite difficult to expand their market area to the Western world, due to barriers such as language, unfamiliarity with the Western market, and a lack of the knowledge of the related laws and regulations.

How do you think design from Asia is perceived elsewhere in the world?

To design companies from the Western world, design from Asia usually seems to contain profound cultural and historical backgrounds, and it’s also seen as relatively delicate and detailed.


Award-winning Japanese architectural design company Toki Architecture Office sharing their works with Taiwanese interior design company Ahead Concept Design


How did ADP come to be? Why was ADP established?

ADP was established to help members raise their credibility and brand uniqueness, and to generate more promotional leverage. Its purpose is to increase the international exposure and reputation of the designer members, so they can expand their domestic markets and even choose to penetrate the international market. With a global approach, ADP helps designers attract more prospects, and as a result, expand the scale of their businesses.

Unlike traditional design organisations, which just exchange or interact with people from the same design field or same industry, ADP combines different fields and industries. We organise many design tours and invite business organisations to attend, which allows for first-hand information on new projects and materials.


Designers and business representatives at an exclusive ADP dinner party


How else does ADP support its members?

ADP continues creating international exhibitions, workshops, seminars and exchange activities. Meanwhile, we endeavour to reach out to international media and design platforms. Several times every year, we hold an ADP Design Tour that will include a series of events to assist designers to step onto the international stage and penetrate the Asian market. For example: joint exhibitions for international designers, media interviews, exclusive dining parties for designers and business representatives, press conferences, seminars and design/art tours.

Moreover, ADP also offers certification courses related to all design fields, commercial consulting services and business opportunities, and it conducts background checks on designers or design firms.


Exhibitors sharing their concepts at an ADP event


What are your thoughts on the Shortlist and Winners of the INDE.Awards 2018

The works of the Shortlist and Winners of the INDE.Awards 2018 are quite abundant and diverse. No matter the material they choose, or the design spirit, you can see the deep and profound cultural background.

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