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Scandinavia to Singapore: Muuto joins XTRA

By adding Muuto to its roster as Singapore’s only retailer, XTRA not only celebrates the enduring appeal of Scandinavian design – it heralds a whole new perspective on its universally appealing legacy.

Scandinavia to Singapore: Muuto joins XTRA

The allure of Scandinavian design lies in its perfect, unforced harmony – clean lines and an unpretentious focus on function meet welcoming curves that embody the elusive concept of hygge. This enduring fusion of form and function, anchored in meticulous detail, thoughtful material choices, and expert craftsmanship, results in pieces that feel both reassuringly familiar and delightfully inspiring – making them perfect additions to any design-conscious dwelling.

Understanding this enduring appeal, XTRA – Singapore’s preeminent design destination – proudly welcomes Muuto to its impressive roster. Established in 2006, the Nordic design house is famous for creating premium furniture, lighting and home accessories. But Muuto isn’t simply a purveyor of Scandinavian design – it’s a unique point of view on Scandinavian design philosophy. The name itself – derived from the Finnish word “muutos”, which means “new perspective”, is a testament to the brand’s distinct expression. Muuto respectfully embraces the core principles of Scandinavian design – the uncomplicated simplicity of lines, intuitive functionality and outstanding craftsmanship – while infusing them with its own form of contemporary sensibility.

XTRA - Muuto
Fiber Chair.

The result is a carefully curated collection of pieces that delightfully reimagine the very essence of Scandinavia’s enduring aesthetic in a way that still feels familiar – and this alluring perspective is evident in some of Muuto’s signature pieces that will now be available in Singapore exclusively with XTRA.

XTRA - Muuto
Cover Armchair.

Both the Cover Armchair and the Fiber Chair reinterpret some of Nordic design’s most iconic forms in a way that’s both respectful and current. An elegant perspective on a timeless wooden classic, Cover Armchair references the honest craftsmanship and materiality of Nordic design with a modern sense of curiosity. The gentle curve of the backrest cradles the form, while the folded armrest explores the innovative possibilities of sculpted wood veneer. This contemporary attitude is also expressed through the functionality of the chair – plush and anchored by a base of solid wood, the Cover Armchair prioritises comfort just as much as the form itself. The seamless form, devoid of any visible screws, is an expression of Muuto’s commitment to clean lines and meticulous detailing while the chair’s practical shape makes for a versatile addition to any residential interior.

The familiar, mid-century silhouette of the Fiber Armchair offers a fresh perspective of the iconic shell seat through its innovative composite of wood fibres and 100% recycled plastic. Its construction seamlessly integrated wood fibres into the surface, creating a captivating matte finish that is both visually intriguing and invitingly soft to the touch. The sculptural design embraces the user with its inviting curvature, prioritising exceptional comfort within a remarkably space-conscious footprint.

XTRA - Muuto
Soft Side Table.

The Soft Side Table embodies understated elegance. Its softened surfaces and subtle functionality create a piece that is both visually intriguing and delightfully user-friendly. The familiar form of the table is elevated by the rounded edges and smooth, powder-coated finish, while the groove beneath the tabletop allows for effortless movement, further enhancing its practicality. Offered in a variety of sizes and finishes, Muuto’s Soft Side Table seamlessly integrates into any environment.

Enfold Sideboard.

The Enfold Sideboard reimagines modern storage through a captivating juxtaposition of materials. Lacquered steel gently cradles a solid oak top and base, establishing a subtle dialogue between the cool austerity of industrial design and the warmth of residential functionality. This unique expression is further accentuated by the modern texture of the ridged steel doors. Offering four size options, each with adjustable shelves and discreet cable outlets, this piece can seamlessly transition between media console, hallway statement piece or a tall storage solution. With simplicity of form and robust construction, the Compile Shelving System’s inherent logic evokes that same sense of the unpretentious Scandinavian lifestyle. The modular character of the design celebrates individuality, while the minimalist expression imbues the system with enduring refinement.

Compile Shelving System.

By bringing Muuto’s innovative and respectful take on the legacy of Scandinavian design to Singapore, XTRA offers designers a unique opportunity to celebrate both the timeless beauty of Nordic design as well as its contemporary evolution. And perhaps even more importantly, it invites them to approach home design with inspired curiosity, and impart some of that unpretentious Scandinavian way of life on their next residential project.


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