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Achieving wellness through innovative bathroom experiences

Championing wellness for all, TOTO brings its shower toilet technology and water-saving innovation into Singapore homes.

Achieving wellness through innovative bathroom experiences

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Wellness, was for the longest time, associated with fitness, nutrition, preventive healthcare and alternative medicine. As a movement, it has continued to expand into the realms of mental health of late and becoming increasingly present across architectural verticals – softening workplace design, informing hospitality venues and improving living conditions in residential spaces.

As the world battle with the pandemic over the last year and COVID-19 becoming endemic, self-care and hygiene have become everyone’s priority; so much so that more residential developers choose to elevate the bathroom experience with TOTO’s automated and innovative sanitary solutions.

From water closets to shower toilets and from faucets to washbasins, the Japanese brand’s state-of-the-art products will be fitted in over 1,300 units at One Holland Village, Woodleigh Residences and Kopar at Newton by 2024.

Wash, not wipe

wellness Kopar At Newton - TOTO WASHLET RX
The WASHLET RX with a warm water nozzle, heated seat, deodoriser and pre-mist features will boost cleanliness and comfort for all residents in Kopar At Newton.

The bidet has long been in European and Asian households. But it certainly took the world by storm during the wake of the pandemic when there was a shortage of toilet paper. Even in Singapore, Google recorded an all-time high for the search of bidet in March 2020 over the last five years

While many companies play catch-up with consumers’ demands, TOTO is already leading the way forward in this department. WASHLET, the Japanese company’s electronic shower toilet seat that was first introduced in 1980 uses a water-cleansing system, which will provide unparalleled hygiene and comfort standards for residents while conserving water thanks to its AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE technology. The latest WASHLET comes equipped with a heated seat, dryer, automated lid, deodoriser and more.

Clean synergy

wellness in One Holland Village - TOTO MH Wall Hung toilet
One Holland Village will feature the MH Wall Hung rimless toilet complete with EWATER+, TORNADO FLUSH, CeFiONtect technology and is easily automated with a remote control.

Apart from a WASHLET in every home, TOTO also brings a touch of elegance through its minimalistic water closet enhanced with EWATER+, CeFiONtect and TORNADO FLUSH technologies.

EWATER+ uses electrolysed water to disinfect the wand and bowl before and after each flush, without the use of harsh chemicals. This works hand in hand with CeFiONtect technology, which is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. It prevents waste from clinging with its microscopic surface ridges which are far smaller than waste particles. Meanwhile, the efficient and quiet TORNADO FLUSH reaches every spot using less water, and automatically determines a small flush or a full flush.

A complete experience

wellness - Toto GA Fitting

Though more commonly known for its shower toilet technology, TOTO also produces equally impressive ranges of washbasins and fittings that transform everyday ease-of-use.

Maintenance is kept simple and easy thanks to washbasins enhanced with CeFiONtect technology. The ultra-smooth ceramic not only leaves nowhere for waste to cling on, but it also maintains its brilliance over prolonged use.

TOTO’s LF and GA series of faucets adopt the ECOCAP aerated water technology to achieve a full water jet while the ZL series provides a gentle, waterfall-like stream. Hands-free operation is also possible with the sensor-operated SOFT FLOW faucets. Whatever the choice, TOTO faucets are available in a variety of rich, original colours and finishes that will accentuate any bathroom experience.

TOTO ZL faucet
TOTO ZL faucets

As a trailblazer in sanitary ware, TOTO has improved the lifestyle standards of people all around the world. Once considered a utilitarian space, the bathroom is now a place of wellness, where individuals retreat to daily to recharge and rejuvenate.

In Singapore, TOTO is available through W. Atelier.

Enjoy up to 40% discount on TOTO products from now till 15 Januarry 2022 at W. Atelier showroom and e-store.

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