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AXOR One bathroom designs reveal their true colours

Building on the refined dimensions of AXOR One’s collection, AXOR One Colours celebrates water’s ephemeral quality with an inspired palette of six organic hues bound to invigorate any modern bathroom.

AXOR One bathroom designs reveal their true colours

The slender purity of silhouettes and beautifully balanced proportions that define the accomplished design language of AXOR One’s bathroom collection have been adding a pronounced touch of effortless purity to bathrooms across the region for a few years now.

The collection is a result of a collaboration between AXOR, a designer and manufacturer of luxurious sanitary ware, and a London-based industrial design duo, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The product line was first inaugurated in 2015 with the launch of a shower control panel, which established AXOR One’s signature fusion of formal, elemental language, functional precision and visceral design.

AXOR One faucet

Today, this intricate notion of nuanced sophistication underpins a cohesive selection of over 30 products, comprising basin faucets, bathtub mixers and shower objects available in chrome, matte black and an array of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.

The wide range of AXOR One shower items include overhead showers that combine both Rain and PowderRain spray types, a hand-held shower that features PowderRain, and a showerpipe and shower set that offer a clean appearance thanks to their integrated wall outlet. Crowning the showers’ monolithic forms, the graphic quality of the spray discs is a visual manifestation of the line’s intricate design language. Furthermore, the AXOR Universal Circular Accessories program makes the perfect complement to the AXOR One collection.

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AXOR One shower

Emblematic of the same exquisite quality, the faucets feature a gentle taper to their curved spouts, a subtle detail that signals exceptional quality of design and manufacturing. The clever integration of controls within the spout enhances the design’s smooth, elongated form, while the incorporation of the Select technology boosts the organic interactivity of the faucet. An intuitive press of the all-in-one controller stops and starts the water, while the clockwise movement ensures the most precise temperature control.

This fundamental meeting of art, science, invention and effortless interaction allows the collection to truly challenge the traditional notion of bathroom accessories through radical purity of design. “AXOR One provokes the memory of water but heralds a new way of controlling it that is much more precise and incredibly refined,” Barber and Osgerby explain. “The AXOR One products are unique, made possible through our design thinking, and realised by the incredible engineering of AXOR.”

Barber Osgerby_Portrait_Jessica Klingelfuss
Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. Photography by Jessica Klingelfuss.

Continuing on this trajectory, this year AXOR augments the immaculate language of sleek silhouettes, smooth surfaces, soft curves and symmetrical volumes by introducing a selection of coloured faucets and fixtures with AXOR One Colours.

The organic palette of six distinct shades has been created by the same British design tandem, who drew their inspiration from the innate relationship between water and other natural elements. “Each colour balances the ability to become part of a calm visual field with limitless scope for self-expression and individuality, reflecting the way in which bathrooms and small cloakrooms are increasingly becoming places that are less about neutral utility and more about original and impactful design,” the designers elaborate.

AXOR One Colours by Barber Osgerby
AXOR One Colours

Reflective of this design intent, the neutral warmth of Sand evokes the memory of a shoreline, gently soaked by a receding wave, while Shell alludes to the muted, pink shades reminiscent of a blushed carapace. The light coolness of Ice echoes the layered blues of an arctic glacier, and is elegantly balanced by the calmness of the Aquamarine which captivates the multidimensional nature of the ocean at its most serene. These gentle shades are punctuated by the more striking hues: Stone – a confident grey emerging from the vigorous dialogue between water and coastal rocks – and Coral, which rounds up the palette with a vibrant orange-red.

Mindfully curated to complement a broad range of bathroom finishes, such as marble, timber or concrete, the liquid quality of the new colours is accentuated by a glossy finish available with selected products. Adding depth and dimension, the glossy surfaces enhance the complex articulation of each shade, while mimicking water’s reflective, mirror-like qualities.

The newly extended collection is available through AXOR Signature Services, which enable designers to turn almost any iconic AXOR product into a bespoke object that celebrates individuality; and much in line with AXOR’s philosophy, pays homage to water in a progressive, pure and precise way.

Product images courtesy of AXOR

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