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Strategies to building a resilient retail brand in today’s dynamic economy

Discover how Lamitak has fortified its brand identity and ensured business continuity even after two decades of operations – and how to apply its successful strategies to your own business.

Strategies to building a resilient retail brand in today’s dynamic economy

Consumer preferences have evolved over the years. While the demand for quality products and services remain constant, there is a growing emphasis on products and brands that exhibit a strong commitment to sustainability and well-being. Additionally, a burgeoning trend is seen in the support of local businesses and the appreciation of artisanal products that offer a touch of uniqueness and authenticity. 

Lamitak on building a resilient retail brand with Reunion exhibition

Adapting to shifting consumer needs and trends

In this rapidly evolving landscape, businesses must remain attuned to these trends, adapting their products, services, and marketing strategies to ensure both customer satisfaction and business sustainability. A shining example in the retail sector is Singapore’s TAK Products & Services (TAK).

Focusing on a niche and cultivating innovation

From its humble beginnings as a supplier of pneumatic tackers in 1989, the company has since become a prominent force in Asia’s lifestyle surfacing industry. Lamitak, the company’s proprietary high-pressure laminate brand, remains relentlessly committed to innovation and staying at the forefront of the industry.

Lamitak on building a resilient retail brand with Reunion exhibition

Championing sustainable practices

Lamitak’s evolution reflects a deep commitment to sustainability. With over two decades of innovation, Lamitak’s laminates have achieved certifications like the Singapore Green Label, Greenguard and Greenguard Gold. 

The brand’s latest collection, Lamitak Vol.1, Intervention, featuring over 55 new designs, reduces laminate sample requisition and focuses more on its application, versatility and infinite design possibilities. The brand introduces innovative ways to sample its products whether through a recyclable FSC-certified catalogue or a digital version. Inside, a valuable guide simplifies the process of identifying wood species and grain structure, fostering deeper knowledge. 

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Lamitak Vol.1 Intervention catalogue

Creating immersive experiences and collaborating with local brands

First unveiled at the inaugural edition of FIND – Design Fair in 2022, the sustainable collection made a remarkable return at the same fair this year, housed in a unique exhibition titled, A Reunion of Us – A Notion of Slow Living with LamitakThis exhibition not only served as a continuation of last year’s installation, but also delved into intentional living and immersive design – two aspects highly valued by consumers today.

Curated in collaboration with PPP Coffee x Morning and Soilboy, the exhibition presented a distinct communal space that seamlessly integrated sensory surfaces, botanical wonders, and a delightful coffee experience. This unique concept facilitated a personalised and immersive experience that encouraged exploration and deeper connection to the Lamitak brand.

Lamitak on building a resilient retail brand with Reunion exhibition

Lamitak’s success story is a testament to the significance of aligning with consumer trends, embracing sustainability, and fostering innovation. By taking a page from its playbook, businesses can enhance their brand identity and ensure long-term success in today’s ever-evolving retail economy.

All images are of ‘A Reunion of Us – A Notion of Slow Living with Lamitak’ exhibition at FIND – Design Fair 2023.

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