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5 reasons why high pressure laminate is the industry-preferred surfacing material

Step into the future of interior design with high pressure laminate, where endless design options meet exceptional resistance and easy upkeep, all without breaking the bank.

5 reasons why high pressure laminate is the industry-preferred surfacing material


High pressure laminate has emerged as the top choice in the surfacing industry for use in both residential and commercial spaces. Some purveyors of the material, like Admira, even offer non-toxic, sustainable options.

Layers upon layers of kraft paper are bonded together by phenol-free resin before being subjected to high pressure and high temperature to produce a single laminate sheet that is of incredible performance, yet light in weight. This rigorous process is how high pressure laminates at Admira are created.

Apart from these impressive features, what makes the material so desirable amongst architects, interior designers, and homeowners?

Limitless design options

One of the major advantages of high pressure laminate is the wide range of design possibilities it offers. Admira, a leading laminate provider, presents an extensive variety of laminates ranging from solid colours to woodgrains, marbles to stones, and even fabric textures. This vast selection ensures that designers and architects have virtually limitless design options, enabling them to match any aesthetic or creative vision.

Admira Xtreme high pressure laminate

Versatility in application

High pressure laminate finds application in an array of settings, including kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces, retail environments, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and residential homes. Whether you need to surface a feature wall, cabinetry, or furniture like tables and countertops, the material can be seamlessly integrated into any space. 

Extreme resistance

Admira offers a range of specialty laminates that provide unmatched durability and protection. The Traceless collection is not only antimicrobial but also fingerprint-resistant, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. The Xtreme series combines fingerprint resistance with food safety, while the Brilliance Noir goes the extra mile with features like water resistance, antimicrobial properties, thermal healing, and fire retardancy. The latter is also highly scratch and impact resistant, as well as resistant to chemicals and stains, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Admira Brilliance Noir high pressure laminates on table
Brilliance Noir

Low maintenance

High pressure laminate is not only attractive but also easy to maintain. A gentle wipe with water and a cloth is sufficient for regular cleaning. For more stubborn stains, a mild dishwashing liquid mixed with water is effective without causing damage. This keeps laminates looking pristine with minimal effort.

Cost-efficient alternative

High pressure laminate offers a cost-efficient alternative to natural stone and other premium materials. Admira’s For Real series mimicks the texture and authenticity of genuine materials, providing a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. With this high pressure laminate, you can achieve the look of natural materials without the associated costs and maintenance demands.

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