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It’s N.A.P. time in the office – and we’re dreaming of science fiction

A quirky new product unlike anything the workplace has seen before, N.A.P. from LoOok is coming to TCW Sydney this winter.

It’s N.A.P. time in the office – and we’re dreaming of science fiction

As adults, most of us said goodbye to naps around age five. After all, who has an hour to spare every day? This way of thinking is set to change.

The scientific benefits of a power nap (between 15-45 minutes) are undeniable. Capable of improving memory, boosting productivity and reducing fatigue for the day, napping offers a range of performance-improving effects for the average adult. Some modern offices have chosen to embrace the productivity increase provided by napping, with nap pods and silent capsules gradually making their way into everyday spaces. However, the future of office wellness is set to change forever with the introduction of LoOok’s N.A.P., also known as the Neuron Activation Pod – available in Australia via TCW.

Launched after 5 years of meticulous research into oft-neglected fields of study, the Neuron Activation Pod seems like something straight off the pages of a science-fiction novel. Unlike anything we’ve seen before, N.A.P. uses low frequency vibrations to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. This neurosonic treatment is used to enhance the quality of sleep, ease stress, alleviate muscle tensions and even reduce swelling. The technology mechanically guides the user into a peaceful, meditative state by directly affecting the automatic nervous system, making relaxation effortless.

N.A.P provides a space where individuals can switch off and recharge before returning to the demands of daily life. The increased health benefits can drastically improve employee performance by speeding recovery times and reducing daily fatigue. N.A.P’s quirky and functional design was created by Ivar Gestraniuis & Kevin Lahtinen to integrate within the modern workplace.

N.A.P was the product of a careful collaboration between LoOok and Finish tech company Neurosonic. Known for their storytelling and immense creativity, LoOok are forever searching to reinvent the narrative through innovative and eccentric designs. Their pieces are designed for a purpose – to find a place in the world and the grand narrative of our lives. The N.A.P. is one more step towards this.

The NAP by LoOok is available in Australia via TCW. Experts in inventive spaces, TCW supply a broad range of international products and brands to the contemporary office spaces of Australia. Motivated by a commitment to happiness, health and innovation, TCW search the globe for the latest workplace strategies and product developments to improve daily life.

Read more about the exciting and fluid future of workplace wellbeing here.


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