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Saab 9-X Air

This exciting concept car is an evolution of ideas that showcases the future of Saab automotive design.


April 8th, 2009

Let your turbo heart soar.

The Saab 9-X Air concept car is an inviting showcase of everything Saab offers. Whilst not yet in full production, like all Saabs, it was born in the heart of Scandinavia. Where nature and the elements are active participants of daily life.

Which means a different approach to car design, resulting in innovative concepts that give you sporty, versatile cars, powered with respect for the environment.

Ready for take off.

A quick glance at the 9-X Air and Saab’s aircraft heritage becomes obvious. Inventiveness, ergonomics and functionality combine as one. Likewise, the behind-the-wheel experience in any Saab offers a cockpit like driver’s environment, with instant turbocharged power at hand and a chassis tuned for agile, sporty handling.

While offering class-leading real-life safety too. Saab call this responsible performance, and it allows you to enjoy genuine driving exhilaration.

Open air. Open minded thinking.

The ability to think laterally is what makes Saab different. It also differentiates their approach to creating cars, including the 9-X Air. Some examples of industry innovations in the Saab range include:

Innovative seats: Saab was the first car manufacturer to introduce heated seats. Additional technology such as award winning active head restraints (SAHR) also come standard with all Saab front seats.

Saab XWD: This innovative cross-wheel drive system distributes driving torque between the two axles and, ingeniously, between the rear wheels. It’s active, on demand and fully pre-emptive technology.

Saab BioPower:
In 2007, Saab was the first car manufacturer to produce a renewable, ethanol-powered car for the Australian market. Now, Saab has set another benchmark by becoming Australia’s first automotive brand to offer a full E85* model range.

Saab Turbo:
Provides power when you need it most -with respect for nature. Take the Sport Sedan’s 1.9-litre, 4-cylinder Twin Turbo Diesel for example. It sips diesel at a frugal 5.7L/100km yet delivers 400Nm# of maximum torque. Making it Saab’s most powerful and efficient diesel ever.

Experience Saab for yourself.

The best way to discover how the Saab range is designed to perform is with a test drive. Call 1800 50 7222 or visit saab.com.au

*E85 is of limited availability in Australia, visit saab.com.au for bowser locations.
#As per ECE regulations.

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