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Celebrating 8 Years of Creativity, Innovation, and Good Design with modulyss

Since arriving on Australian shores nearly a decade ago, modulyss has transformed the way local designers and specifiers think about carpet.

Alongside the launch of new striking and innovative carpet tiles, modulyss continues to expand the boundaries of soft flooring and encourages design professionals to devote care and consideration to the carpet specification process. modulyss has the ability to inspire best practice and has been doing so over the past 25 years.

At present, modulyss is active in 80 countries and maintains a fully integrated production process in its dedicated facility in Zele, Belgium.

As the carpet brand celebrates eight years in Australia, we take a closer look at what exactly sets modulyss apart from its competitors, and uncover what drives them to continually push the boundaries of performance and design.

Rolling with the punches

modulyss’ ability to react sensitively and intelligently to changing industry needs has always been second to none. From bringing sustainable products to the market long before environmental concerns became mainstream, to developing acoustic solutions in response to growing demand for noise control, the brand consistently transforms challenges into opportunities for new, innovative design.

Since 2015, the company has responded to growing wellness concerns with cutting edge fibre technology that allows their carpet tiles to reduce airborne pollutants and significantly enhance indoor air quality, making it the natural choice for cutting edge, industry-leading design.

A green conscience

In an industry rife with ‘greenwashing’ genuine commitments to minimising environmental impact can be hard to find. Against this backdrop, modulyss’ long and well-documented history of sustainable strategies is truly outstanding.

In 2012, modulyss released their first annual sustainability report, providing full disclosure on their environmental practices and future plans. In the years since this report, the brand has striven towards global best practice, meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and revolutionising the design industry for the better.

Today, the brand operates entirely on green electricity and offers 10 ecological carpet tile collections, all of which allow a 12% reduction in carbon footprint per square-metre. This is paired with an ongoing commitment to using alternative raw materials – recycled or recyclable wherever possible – and use of the BRE Life Cycle Analysis at all stages of the design process.

Seeing the big picture

Another critical characteristic that sets modulyss apart is the sheer breadth and diversity of its offering. Unlike many other soft flooring suppliers, the brand provides solutions for all sectors of the flooring market including residential, commercial, and technical. Whether you’re seeking quieter spaces, cleaner air, to dramatically slash your environmental impact, or a combination of all three, modulyss has you covered.

modulyss’ high performance carpet and non-woven ranges are complemented by a selection of Balta woven area rugs that combine rich colour, texture, and pattern in statement pieces. All modulyss collections are designed to work together and enhance one another, and can be arranged in virtually limitless combinations to add dynamism and character to any space.

Playing as a team

In large part, the secret to modulyss’ success lies in their people. Behind their growing catalogue of innovative products is a dynamic, energetic team that drives the entire process from research and development to post-sales service. By investing strongly in internal development, modulyss ensures that their in-house talent is diverse and attuned to every shift and evolution in the soft flooring market.

Mirroring the modulyss commitment to creativity, innovation, and outstanding design, Gibbon Group – exclusive Australian suppliers of modulyss products – are proud to present the 2018 edition of Archiflix. The only Australian film festival curated for the architecture industry, Archiflix celebrates the unique, tenacious spirit that enlivens architecture and design. In 2017, the inaugural event made waves across the country and attracted over 3000 guests; the 2018 event will tour the country in the later half of this year, making stops in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

This year’s programme sets the bar even higher, combining a carefully curated selection of films and events with a seminar series to engage, entertain, inspire, and educate industry professionals. Gibbon Group’s history of introducing now-iconic, industry-defining carpet brands including Tretford and modulyss to the Australian industry makes them a fitting partner for the revolutionary event, which promises to bring fresh new ideas and perspectives to Australian shores.

View the full range of modulyss products available through Gibbon Group.
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