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Design Within Reach – Now Within Reach for Australia and NZ

Design that inspires and solves problems. This is the philosophy of Design Within Reach – and thanks to Herman Miller, the exceptionally crafted collections of this San Francisco founded design giant are now available in Australia and New Zealand.

For over one hundred years, Herman Miller has shaped and evolved what design can be. From it’s industry defining ergonomic seating to world-class healthcare solutions; from award winning textiles to iconic product offerings for the home and workplace, Herman Miller has a keen understanding of the exemplary qualities required to create products that truly inspire.  

Furthering its quest to make a difference in people’s lives through the design of compelling and beautiful product solutions for the home and office, Herman Miller has sort out and joined forces with a purposefully selected group of brands. The carefully curated family of acquired brands sit beneath the Herman Miller Group umbrella and share a unifying ethos, “design for the good of humankind”, whilst still expressing the unique voice inherent to each individual company. Now leveraging an impressive and diverse product offering across the workplace and lifestyle sectors, Herman Miller Group’s curated partners have deservingly earned the group a place in design history.

In 2015, Design Within Reach joined the Herman Miller family of brands, furthering the group’s diversity and dedication to the philosophy of design for the good of us all. Founded in 1998 in the US design hub of San Francisco, Design Within Reach soon became acclaimed as a foremost retailer of authentic modern furnishings, offering design lovers access to some of the world’s most beloved modern designs, previously only accessible to a select few.

Design Within Reach’s collection now sees timeless icons from 20th century masters such as the Eameses offered alongside some of the 21st centuries brightest new stars, including work from Pat Kim, Norm Architects and Hlynur V. Atlason.

The entire Design Within Reach catalogue of products is staggeringly impressive, as such we have curated an enticing handful of Indesign favourites. Produced by Design Within Reach exclusively for Herman Miller, each piece listed below exudes a functional elegance and an authenticity that stems from an exemplary approach to craftsmanship, combined with a respect for materiality and ultimately the end user. 

Hew Tables

A celebration of organic forms, the Hew Side Table channels the fluid shapes found in forests, resulting in a set of sculptural hardwood side tables that charm and delight. 

Designer Pat Kim created the family of whimsical tables to each have a distinct personality. “I’ll often take a bunch of wood scraps and start turning them just for form exploration,” he says. The Hew Side Table is the result of these musings. “With wood, I get to basically play all the time.”

Story Bookcase

Offering functional vertical storage with a sculptural twist, the Story Bookcase is designed to hold books and other collectibles within in a compact footprint. 

Ideal for smaller apartments, Design Within Reached worked with designers Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei on the Story bookcase, whose shelves can be rotated freely, creating a customized profile that fits a space’s needs. “We simply want to create things people won’t get rid of,” says Chen-Yen on the bookcase’s inspiration. 

Lina Swivel Chair

A modern classic of design, the Lina Swivel chair offers the comfort and beauty of a larger armchair within an unexpectedly compact package. With a gently curving profile to envelop the user and tailored seams to add a gentle textural pattern, the Lina is an ideal and unassuming seating solution. 

“I think ‘flow’ is a good word for it,” says Design Within Reach designer Hlynur Atlason on the Lina, “Because of the way the shapes come together as one, and how they play off each other; It’s a sculpted shape that one can enjoy examining.” 

Folk Ladder Desk

The Folk Ladder Desk celebrates minimalism and functionality, within a compact profile that would suit any interior project where space is at a premium. 

Design Within Reach worked with Danish design team Norm Architects, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn on the Folk Ladder Desk, which sees elegantly shaped solid wood rails and sculptural details throughout. 

Folk Ladder Shelving

A wider companion piece to the Ladder Desk, Folk Ladder Shelving, shares its brother’s minimalism, yet offers a broader availability of space. Easily adapted and expanded to changing user needs. 

The Shelving exemplified Bjerre-Poulson and Rønn’s approach to design, which inspired their group’s name of Norm, “Working with Danish norms and standards refined over hundreds of years,” remarkd Bjerre-Poulson on the design inspiration behind the Folk series.

Cove Bed

With the Cove Bed, Design Within Reach and designer Nathan Yang offer a bed designed with the utmost a respect for wood and sincere craftsmanship. Subtle details such as rounded-over inner edges and turned-and-tapered bedposts give this piece a singular quality, as it celebrates the beauty and utility of its materiality. 

“Giving respect to materials and craft is very important,” says Nathan Yong. “I wanted to create a bed that’s sturdy but not clunky, and to make the mattress seem like it’s ‘tucking into’ the bed frame.”

By giving consumers access to icons of modern design, as well as commissioning and championing fresh, innovative pieces from present day architects and designers, Design Within Reach has helped change the face of the design world. By bringing the design world “within reach” the brand has vastly improved and enriched the spaces we inhabit.

From the charming natural forms of Pat Kim’s Hew Side Table to the sleek aesthetic and compact functionality of Norm Architects Folk Ladder Desk, it is easy to see why the brand’s complimentary ethos and aesthetically timeless and diverse product offering is a perfect addition to the curated Herman Miller Group family of brands.  Propelled by partner and host brand, Herman Miller, their reach is now more than ever. 

Design Within Reach is now available in Australia through Living Edge and in New Zealand through Matisse. Reach out to Herman Miller or check out their instagram to find out more about these exclusive designs.

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