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Creating social meeting points in the Office via the humble coffee table

It is well known that coffee is always a business man/woman’s best friend. Part of that is the sense of a ‘break’ that comes with it. Low tables in offices are used time and time again to create that point to gather; a space for meeting or re-grouping between work.

Creating social meeting points in the Office via the humble coffee table


September 17th, 2014

With some research, we have collated a series of coffee tables guaranteed to create the social meeting point so important in a well-functioning workplace.

The Cami Table


The Cami Coffee table designed by Luis Arrivillaga from Ajar Furniture is the perfect way to disrupt a sterile business environment. Injecting a sense of fun and playfulness; it’s oak, walnut and timber construction makes it the perfect choice for a serious business who love what they do.

Ajar Furniture


The Gallery Table


The Gallery Table designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, manufactured by Marsotto Edizioni is the perfect way to add a subtle hint of modernity into the office. The simple and luxurious design is the perfect addition to any coffee room – both inviting and office appropriate.

Hub Furniture


The Yoshi Table


The Yoshi Table by Discoh Design; beauty lies in the extreme versatility the design offers. A variety of finishes allows the intricately designed table to easily modernize any working environment.

Ajar Furniture


The Hexagon Table Collection


The Hexagon Coffee Table Collection designed by Tokjin Yoshioka is a sleek way to incorporate a ‘coffee’ environment into an office. Its hard, industrial structure evident in its metal form, compliment the designers natural inspiration of honeycomb adding an element of modernity to a companies space.

Own World


The Horizon Large Coffee Table


The Horizon Large Coffee Table designed by Mathew Hilton offers a beautiful design made from either a black finished walnut or white American white oak. Sourcing the materials and finishes from across the world gives the table a simple, sophisticated and stylish look, which is perfect for any office looking for something to clean up their space.

Spence and Lyda


The Van Coffee Table Collection


The Van Coffee Tables designed by Francesc Rifé offers a unique addition to the workplace. Bold enough to stand alone, or easy enough to be arranged in nests – with either a ceramic or marble top – maintaining the collections humble feel whilst keeping it adequately luxurious.

Ajar Furniture


The Soori Coffee Table


The Soori Coffee Table by Soo Chan softens a working environment. With inspiration drawn from the designers previous architectural projects the Soori table is an eclectic mix of tradition and contemporary, making it perfectly suitable.



The Parenthesis Table

pedrali parenthesis resized

The Parenthesis table created by designers; Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci through Pedrali offers a variety of finishes to its plywood and solid laminate structure that makes I perfectly suitable in a variety of different contexts. Its subtle, rounded shape gives space warmth whilst simultaneously giving a geometric complexity to an office environment.





Not all office spaces are contained indoors. For workplaces that extend outside, the BOMBALA stainless steel tables, part of Ross Didier’s range that includes seating and tables, are perfect. Like the Bombalis they are inspired by, the tables are resilient, blend in to a range of environments and come in various colours.

Ross Didier

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