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The antidote to your flooring fatigue

Meet FYBER, Australia’s pioneering carpeting brand intent on disrupting the flooring space with bold, creative and innovative design.

The antidote to your flooring fatigue

The FYBER origin story is one of determined pursuit, relentless exploration and revolutionary discovery. And it’s a story that unequivocally continues to set the tone for this inventive company’s ethos, as the brand consolidates its services to ensure that an even wider range of products, colours, and fibres ideal for residential and commercial use is available to a broader range of customer groups.

Disrupting the flooring industry from day one

David Raines, FYBER’s Founder and Global Head of Strategy, created the brand because there was nothing quite like it available on the market at the time. “I spent some time in carpet retail and all I would see repeatedly was a sea of boring colours and unexciting designs,” David explains. “At that point I decided: we can do better.”

And they certainly did. David’s experience in global strategy roles, largely in industrial chemicals, was instrumental to fostering FYBER’s pioneering spirit. “My background has helped advance FYBER’s innovative character as it has provided the knowledge and skills to know which technologies and chemicals we could use to create our innovative products,” the inspiring founder admits.

David’s commitment to exploring technologies and materials available with the vision of creating a unique carpet offering led to an invention of a proprietary new fibre – SilkNV™- which would go on to revolutionise the capabilities of a luxurious carpet. The fibre laid the grounds for FYBER’s signature, Italian-made ENVY collection – weaving both the innate drive to innovate and the commitment to traditional manufacturing techniques into the company’s DNA.

Today, this compelling fusion enables the Australian-owned brand to develop remarkable carpets that invariably stand the test of time, making them the product of choice for high-end residential and commercial projects around the world. Aptly encapsulated in the brand’s name, which – as David explains – is “an ode to the unique fibres that we use in our product to create the best, softest, brightest and toughest carpets on the market” – FYBER carpets adorn some of the most exquisite art galleries, luxurious hotels, boutique destinations and residential settings.

Embracing the European way

These remarkable products owe their extraordinary quality to the meticulous craftsmanship of some of Europe’s most renowned heritage textile manufacturers. “Our European heritage is so important to us as coming from an industrial chemical background, I’m extremely focused on quality control,” David explains. “That’s why, from the start, we made the decision that our products must pass European standards, as they’re the place with the highest standards in the world – far exceeding the standards we have in Australia. Knowing our products meet European standards means they’ll meet standards anywhere.”

However, David adds that quality and innovation aren’t just about manufacturing standards – the way products are dealt with at the end of life is equally as crucial. “The Europeans are very focused on green technology, which enables us wherever possible to ensure our products have a 100% sustainable focus and work towards a circular economy,” he says. “Through our European heritage, we have been able to work with an organisation that can take the yarn we use and instead of sending it to landfill, turn it into other items, such as clothing or future carpets. These are just some of the kinds of things we are always looking at to provide our products with a unique point of difference and benefits beyond its beauty.”

This drive to create a uniquely premium carpet offering translates into a captivating and diverse selection of flooring products that bring a sense of beauty and unique personality to any interior for years to come. “We believe they will last longer than the building they’re housed within,” David says, confident in the quality of FYBER’s products. “We’re one of the only companies to offer a 20 year unconditional commercial warranty for our Fletco product. In addition to that, with the prominent focus on quality underpinning the brand’s offering, FYBER has a “no questions asked” replacement policy.

Creating unique interiors from the ground up

From a broad spectrum of fibre types, to an expansive selection of textures and a carefully curated collection of colours and designs, FYBER is a genuine disruptor of the flooring industry. With boldness, creativity and innovation defining their products, FYBER enables architects and designers to create extraordinary spaces that express their distinct stories from the ground up.

Walking into the brand’s Surry Hills showroom makes it easy to experience the exceptional legacy that unequivocally sets FYBER apart in the sea of often monotonous and tired floor coverings. “A carpet lovers’ niche toy store,” David describes it. Nestled between Foveaux and Sophia Street, in the heart of Sydney’s bustling inner-city suburb, FYBER’s studio provides an alluring and sensory experience designed to showcase the bespoke and timeless combination of innovation, uniqueness and creativity.

“Every item is unique, well thought through, and you just know you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for,” he continues. “It really is the best opportunity not only for architects and designers to see and feel our products, but to also consult with our team to help in selecting the carpet that’s going to work best for their project.” David adds proudly, “Our service team is made up of experienced carpet and design experts, which shows in the way we do things: we know what we do, and we do it well.”

Keen to feel the opulent softness of FYBER’s innovative products, be mesmerised by the richness of their material and inspired by their bold designs and colour palettes? Step into the immersive and innovative world of FYBER by booking a showroom tour here.

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