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Designing with nature’s palette: Biophilic design tours the world in Autex Acoustics’ new colour range

Rich yet muted hues tell stories of sun-baked canyons, mysterious oceans, and verdant highlands in Autex Acoustics’ captivating new palette.

Designing with nature’s palette: Biophilic design tours the world in Autex Acoustics’ new colour range

Colour has always been an inescapable staple of design excellence. Much like a conductor leads a choir, colour is the protagonist of interior design; orchestrating emotions, setting the mood, and creating unforgettable spaces.

Autex Acoustics recognise colour as the crescendo that brings harmony to interiors. They understand the symphony of colour like no other – and their latest release is a testament to their commitment to vibrant, awe-inspiring design.

Their four new expertly developed colourways tell a fascinating story inspired by the natural landscape of the great outdoors. With the introduction of Canyon, Caspian, Highland and Terrace, Autex Acoustics pays homage to the timeless beauty of nature – inviting you to explore the colours of the world: from the mysteries of the deep sea to sun-baked canyons, ancient terraces, and lush highlands. Designed to complement Autex Acoustics’ existing colour palette, the new range fits right in amongst the original beloved hues. 

Caspian: Enigmatic Drama

Caspian offers a mesmerising aura that adapts to its surroundings, transforming from striking and dramatic to sensitive and subdued depending on its design environment. Dancing between grey and blue, Caspian is perfect for contemporary offices and any setting where versatility is given room to flourish.

Highland: Earthy Elegance

A subtle neutral with shimmering golden undertones, Highland introduces warmth and light into interior spaces. The delicate moss green overtone is revitalising, inviting life and growth into a space without overwhelming it. Highland is the ideal choice for interiors looking for a touch of optimism and understated elegance.

Terrace: Mauve Magic

Terrace, with its dusky purple hues and soft grey undertones, creates a sophisticated alternative to warm grey. Layered with subtle hues and understated tones, Terrace presents an elegant twist on traditional mauve. It fuses warmth and light to illuminate spaces with grace, providing a quietly powerful design language for interior designers to build on.

Autex Acoustic new colour range

Canyon: Warm Terracotta

Summer stays year-round with this friendly orange hue. Softly sun-baked terracotta infused with a dash of pink, Canyon breathes life into interior spaces with radiance. The perfect choice for contemporary interiors and collaborative office spaces, Canyon creates warm and welcoming environments which inspire creativity and connection.

Autex Acoustic new colour range

Versatile and sustainable

The new colour range extends across all products, including Cube™, Composition®, Frontier™, Lanes™, Quietspace® Panel, and Vertiface® – ensuring a harmonious blend with all existing palettes. It also upholds Autex Acoustics’ commitment to sustainability – all products are carbon neutral, boasting a minimum of 45 per cent recycled PET content, and made from safe, eco-friendly materials.

With Autex Acoustics’ new colour collection, design becomes a journey into the heart of nature: where vibrant hues and sustainability unite to create inspiring spaces. Explore the new range today.

Autex Acoustics

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