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The top design minds of Asia Pacific think these designers are the next big thing!

The allure of a prodigy within the architecture and design industry is influential. So here are the top prodigies we’re keeping our eye on.

The top design minds of Asia Pacific think these designers are the next big thing!

Grace Mortlock and David Neustein celebrated the win at the Satellite party in Sydney.

Across the Asia-Pacific region, architecture and design professions are expanding their relevance. From considerations made to the context of projects, to sustainability principles and social design – the very multidisciplinary and complex nature of the work required means that the approach is often brave, innovative and creative. The unrelenting appetite for the ‘new’ means that architecture is constantly projecting, speculating and theorising. With that in mind and within all pockets of the A+D industry, architects and designers have paved the way for awe-inspiring additions that consider the big picture.

Architects and designers occupy a position in the market that is more than just producing or improving a ‘building’. Rather, the job revolves around penetrating the ever-expanding market with a prevailing spirit and original responses for the todays and tomorrows of the industry.

Emerging prodigies with preternatural talent within the APAC region has undeniably inspired the industry with exceptional craft – while fearlessly forging their own trails to clear the path for others to follow. Within such a populous terrain, these individuals are a true reflection of being at the forefront of the industry – evoking reminders of its unyielding potential for growth and evolution.

The Prodigy honours emerging creative individuals who triggers trends, thinks differently and whose body of work pushes the boundaries of design.


The Prodigy People’s Choice Award 2018 is presented to David Nuestein and Grace Mortlock from Other Architects/Otherothers


The practice of architecture and design is generally assumed to be stable and defined because of the apparent immobility and solidity of structures. However, as the social, cultural, economic and environmental implications surrounding the A+D industry are in a continual flux, Other Architects is committed to engaging in ethical speculation of the future as a response to the needs of the present.

David Neustein and Grace Mortlock of Other Architects, our 2018 INDE.Awards Prodigy winners. Photo by Fiona Susanto.

David Neustein and Grace Mortlock of Other Architects, our 2018 INDE.Awards Prodigy winners. Photo by Fiona Susanto.

As its name suggests, Other Architects is an architecture firm inspired by the idea of the ‘other’ – one that attempts to seek out ‘other’ solutions at the core of its practice. The unpopular, the contrary, the out-dated or the alternate are solutions that are often shied away. But adopted in the right manner, and it frees design from the predominant focus on novelty. Additionally, otherothers is a parallel design organisation that undertakes research, competitions, events, exhibitions and communication – operating beyond the scope of conventional design; the focus is on incorporating design culture with urbanism and public engagement.

By exploring ‘other’ paths and possibilities, Other Architects director David Neustein and Grace Mortlock manage change by ethically – and creatively – accommodating uncertainty. Both directors are involved with curating university programs, contributing to design magazines worldwide and have participated in the Venice Architecture Biennale because of their ability to challenge conventional wisdom, popular opinion and architectural trends.


“We realised that we were tired of seeing architecture that dominated its setting like the loudest person at the party. We have since decided that want to design not the foreground, but the background. That is easier said than done. It is much easier to make something loud or complicated than humble and refined.” – Grace Mortlock, director of Other Architects.


Grace and David celebrated their win at the satellite party in Sydney, take a look at the festivities from the night at Zenith’s showroom here.


INDE.Awards 2018 Gala


Commemorating skilful creativity across the Asia Pacific region, the calibre of over 400 entries for the INDE.Awards this year sets a new benchmark for diverse and dynamic design – on the region’s own terms and not by the terms of the worlds other design centres.

Pushing the industry to new frontiers, people, projects, products, and ideas address sectors of design with significant and increasing relevance to the globe’s most populous region.


Cosentino Proudly Sponsors 2018 The Prodigy Award


A true prodigy itself, Cosentino partnered up with the INDE.Awards to honour individuals from the APAC region, who sparks trends and thinks differently; whose work pushes the boundaries of design beyond expectations.

Cosentino Group is a family-owned Spanish company that manufactures and distributes high-value innovative surfaces to the A+D industry worldwide. With over 20 facilities controlled and managed by the group, they are currently distributing their products and brands to over 80 countries.

Relinquishing challenges and flexible to constant changes, Cosentino Group approaches the market with a focus on solving the problems of today while anticipating (and addressing) the problems of tomorrow. Over decades, the company has risen to the forefront of the industry by demonstrating a bold, resilient spirit that sets them apart from their competitors. With a strong emphasis on R+D in a future-oriented design process, Cosentino is admired for its ability to predict the upcoming wants and needs of the global market.

With the priority of “innovating with responsibility” at its backbone, Cosentino Group is an exemplary sponsor for The Prodigy category of this year’s INDE.Awards.

Cosentino + Indesign Media Congratulate the Shortlisted Nominees and Grace Mortlock and David Neustein for Winning The Prodigy People’s Choice Award 2018.

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