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It’s the story that counts: How The Edit taps into what matters most

Immerse yourself in The Edit: the curated, product-led guide from Indesign that provides industry leading insights into the trending topics and design products of today.

It’s the story that counts: How The Edit taps into what matters most

With strong connections to architects, product designers, manufacturers and creatives alike, The Collection finds itself at the centre of every industry development, as it happens. 

As a community, The Collection invite connections, create inspiration, realise artistic visions, and perhaps most importantly, we tell stories. We understand first-hand that our industry seeks to do more than just create spaces – be they commercial, residential or hospitality – and simply fill them with furniture.  It’s the narrative and meaning embedded in the design that ensures a space has relevance, longevity and feels significant to its uses. 

So, with travel limited and in-person viewings delayed, how do we continue to tell the stories that are so essential to our industry, and help to drive our industry through these complicated times?

The magic of expressive lighting with Stylecraft on The Edit.

Enter The Edit by The Collection.

Architecture and design are no longer merely concerned with ‘What can we create?’ and ‘How will we achieve this?’. This need to bridge the gap between ideas and execution has created a new line of thinking: ‘Why, and for whom, can we create?’ and ‘What are we trying to achieve with this?’.

The Edit by The Collection at Indesign is here to answer these ‘why’ questions, offering you a market-leading insight into the motivations and inspirations of emerging and established design talents.

Of course, the challenge of the last 18 months has been how we translate these stories and emotions through the digital lens. Without face-to-face product launches and purchasing experiences, we faced the dilemma of how to encourage consumption of new designs when the in-person emotional connections were harder to establish. 

Silestone® LOFT: Industrial-inspired surfaces from Cosentino on The Edit.

The Edit offers a specialised, unique look into the design industry.

Its brand- and product- specific editions allow readers to truly dive into the designers and suppliers behind the pieces. Although it comes in a digital form, the Edit puts a stop to tiresome scrolling through websites and social media platforms. The need for engaging digital content to keep the design industry going is undeniable.

From the first month of COVID-19 lockdowns in Australia, daytime internet demand nearly doubled.[1] In these lockdown periods screen time increased too, with the average adult spending more than a third of their waking hours in front of a screen.[2] So, The Edit capitalises on this increased engagement with digital content, bringing designers and consumers home to an industry-leading hub. 

When acoustic solutions meet innovative design with Autex Acoustics on The Edit.

Filled with inspiring, functional and versatile collections and the latest product releases backed by years of industry expertise, every Edit tells a story: and it’s these stories that allow the emotional connections between brand, product and individual to be reborn. 

Both the Edit and the Collection more broadly offer much more than just a catalogue. With details, specifications, insights and an industry interconnectedness that is unmatched, The Collection is a hub of creativity that lets us all keep telling great design stories. 

New 2022 collections: Alter by Scott Fitzsimons from Zenith on The Edit.


Featured Image: Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile on The Edit.

[1] Hobday, L and Sas, N 2020, ‘Coronavirus affecting internet speeds, as COVID-19 puts pressure on the network‘, ABC News, 1 Apr 2020
[2] Stephen, F 2021, ‘Would you believe we spend 5.5 hours a day on average looking at our phones‘, TechGuide, 12 Apr 2021

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