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Hybridity and acoustics – watch and gain CPD points with this webinar now on demand

How has the role of sound changed in the post-pandemic world? What does the hybrid work model mean for acoustic design? An in-depth session exploring the future of acoustics with Woven Image.

Hybridity and acoustics – watch and gain CPD points with this webinar now on demand

The wake of the pandemic has made one thing abundantly clear: the ‘hybrid workplace’ model is here to stay.

Prioritising employee autonomy, flexibility, and work-life balance over strict routines and timekeeping is now a permanent fixture of our working landscape. Organisations transitioning to a permanent hybrid work arrangement now need to take heed and ensure that their new workspaces promote productivity, effective collaboration, and employee well-being.

The WELL Building Standard is a comprehensive performance-based framework for evaluating the impact of the built environment on human health and well-being – an evaluation system which becomes particularly relevant to this discussion. From an architectural standpoint, adhering to the WELL Building Standard is an effective approach to post-pandemic design. But what makes it so intriguing?

The session

Achieving Acoustic Comfort in Hybrid Workplaces – A ‘WELL’ Perspective

WELL rates buildings according to several key measurements. One of the most interesting? Sound itself.

This CPD Live On Demand session focuses on the intersection between acoustics, design, wellbeing and hybridity. Our panel of expert speakers discuss the evolving effect of acoustics on paradigms of wellness and the surprising ways that architects and designers can optimise these outcomes. Presented by industry leading acoustics company Woven Image, the session is packed with the kind of new insights and nuanced understandings you can only find on CPD Live On Demand.

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By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  • Identify, outline and explain the characteristics of ‘hybrid workplaces’ and the various differences (both culturally and practically) between them and ‘traditional workplaces’
  • Understand, explain and apply a sound knowledge of acoustic wellbeing to the design of commercial environments
  • Identify the WELL Building Standard and its metrics
  • Apply the criteria of the WELL Building Standard to measure the acoustic performance of hybrid workplaces


For more information and to earn your CPD points:

Click here to watch this session


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