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What’s Shining at Salone 2017? We Pick the Top 10 Light Objects in the Year of Euroluce

We hit Milan’s hottest design precincts to bring you the top 10 lighting finds from this years Fiera Salone del Mobile!

What’s Shining at Salone 2017? We Pick the Top 10 Light Objects in the Year of Euroluce

ONE: Size Does Matter! by Moooi

For Euroluce 2017 – Moooi does what Moooi has always done best – spectacle. Imagine a Moooi chandelier of 161 lamps sparkling together, creating a marvellous lighting sculpture, offset with new pieces from the world’s most exciting designers. That is the Size Does Matter installation by Moooi.

Based on their larger concept for this years fair – A Life Extraordinary – the Size Does Matter! space is about exploring the world of interiors via a series of presentations (Come Closer, Hospitality, Size Does Matter!, Hidden World, High-end Experimentation, Bedtime tory, Did You Know? And Touch & Shoot) which all have their own functional appearance reflecting Moooi’s ideas and thinking around settings like hotels, restaurants, lobbies, offices, homes and bars.

Key products:

The Size Does Matter! presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • Meshmatics Chandelier by Rick Tegelaar
  • Busk Lamp by Frank Tjepkema
  • Luna Piena by Marcel Wanders
Moooi is available in Hong Kong through Design Link



TWO: S.F Senses Of The Future by Tokujin Yoshioka x LG

This large-scale impressive work by LG and famed Issey Miyake protégé Tokujin Yoshioka, aims to illustrate humanity’s relationship with the natural world, ultimately illuminating LG’s human-centric design philosophy. Set within the Superstudio Più in Milan, the installation offers visitors a feast for their senses and a taste of what the future holds through various sub-sections of the presentation.

The first part conveys the story of “hope for the future” through a commonplace object in people’s lives – the S.F chair. But these are no ordinary chairs, rather ones borne of science fiction. A total of 17 S.F chairs have been artfully ensconced with LG’s advanced organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. The chairs are both static and dynamic because of the brilliant flashes emitted from the double-sided panels and portray a meditation on the blindingly fast speed of modern day life. Visitors will be able to sit in the S.F chairs, experiencing at the same time the next-generation of display technology.

The second part of the exhibition, Wall of the Sun, is represented by a 16-meter-wide and 5-meter-tall structure, comprised of nearly 30,000 individual OLED light modules, radically different from traditional bulbs. The wall undulates gently, flashing inviting rays of light and simulating the comfort and warmth felt on bright, sunny days. This extraordinary installation offers a unique glimpse of how human-centric lighting can transform space in the near future.

“This collaboration was a great experience for me as well as a challenging opportunity to create a work of art that has never been seen before,” said Tokujin Yoshioka. “Through this large-scale installation and LG’s advanced technology, I believe that people can rediscover their relationship with the natural world in a more sensual way.”

Key products:

The S.F Senses Of The Future presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • New OLED modules and fittings by LG
  • F Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka
LG is available in Hong Kong direct from LG



THREE: Musa by Note Design Studio for Vibia Light

Quirky Swedes Note Design Studio raised an interesting idea at this year’s Euroluce. For them, lighting design isn’t so much about the artifice or the physical light – but rather, the effect that light itself creates. Here, their approach to lighting design is all enabling the light to be the focus, rather than the object. And their newest industrial endeavor, Musa, is a wonderful representation of that idea.

Musa is all about delicacy. For Note, delicacy and subtlety can be distinguished in an attitude towards design through the elegance of a gesture, a lighting effect of the transparency of a shadow.

Key products:

The Musa presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • Musa by Note Design Studio
Vibia Light is available in Hong Kong through Zodiac Lighting



FOUR: Here Comes The Sun by Bertrand Balas for DCW Editions Paris

This is an installation for lighting geeks and nostalgia junkies. Bertrand Balas, a French architect born in 1935, created the lamp Here Comes The Sun in August 1969. It was released in 1970 and this ceiling lamp is still collected by many French lighting addicts.

At first sight, this round lamp looks like many other round lamps. But the Here Comes The becomes magic when the light is on. Depending on your mood, you feel the sun rising, the sunlight or the moonlight. The story of the name of this lamp is also so quite interesting. When it was released in 1970, Bertrand Balas wanted to call it Here Comes The Sun because of the famed Beatles hit song, but he declined, thinking that the Beatles wouldn’t give him permission. Though certainly not a new piece, Balas; work serves as an ongoing reminder that good design never dies. .

Key products:

The Here Comes The Sun presentation features one extraordinary classic product:

  • Here Comes The Sun by Bertrand Balas for DCW Editions Paris
DCW Editions Paris is available in Hong Kong through Seventhirty AM



FIVE: Setareh by Francesco Librizzi for FontanaArte

‘Setareh’ is the name of the family of lighting fixtures that Francesco Librizzi, a young Sicilian architect working in Milan, has designed for the first time for FontanaArte. Setareh was born of the idea of giving form to light. The lamp is composed of a sphere in hand-blown white satin glass, magically suspended within a thin metal structure. The play of circular masses and trajectories generates a balanced design of gravitational dynamics. The light from the sphere is diffused into the surrounding space, illuminating the frame. The reflections of the metal render the luminous field visible, space influenced by light, by its aura.

The result is a collection of lighting elements, available in tabletop and suspension versions, of extraordinary poetic grace. The table version is available in two models while the suspension version comes in several variants: bare, with only the frame and glass sphere (also available with three spheres), with a diffuser in curved white glass (diameter 45, 65, 85 cm), or with a painted metal disc in white or black (diameter 45, 65, 85, 100 cm).

Key products:

The Setareh presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • Setareh Suspension Light by Francesco Librizzi for FontanaArte
  • Setareh Table Lamp by Francesco Librizzi for FontanaArt
Fontana Arte is available in Hong Kong through Equal Plus



SIX: Foundation by Formafantasma

This quirky Amsterdam cabal of creatives have retuned to once again agitate and disrupt – in the most beautiful way possible. Occupying space at the Spazio Krizia venue, Foundation presents a selection of objects from their Delta collection, developed for the gallery Giustini Stagetti, Galleria O. Roma, and a series of experiments with light, created for peep-hole, an independent art centre in Milan. The resulting installation showcases a display of studies and the groundwork for current and future developments in the field of lighting. Established thanks to a coherent body of work that is characterised by experimental material investigations into issues such as the relationship between tradition and local culture, Studio Formafantasma marks their transition into a more industrial direction.

While the finished objects are formally developed and define a new, more industrial direction for the studio, the experiments (concisely named by the designers as ‘tests’ and numerically divided) demonstrate the duo’s intuitive and research-based process.

The luminaries throughout the presentation are carefully assembled using pencils and erasers, as well as steel rods, bricks and insulation material, reinforcing the idea of experimentation. Additionally, the LED strips are left visible and unfiltered, embracing the punctuated light as an opportunity rather than a limitation. The demanding investigation of light and the use of optics, mirrors and glass, culminates in a collection of objects that reveals it’s deeper layers he closer you get to them.

Key products:

The Foundation presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • WireRing Light by Studio Formafantasma for FLOS
  • Blush Lamp by Studio Formafantasma for FLOS
  • Delta Collection by Studio Formafantasma for Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
  • Anno Tropico by Studio Formafantasma for Peep-Hole Art Centre
FLOS is available in Hong Kong through Lumen Arts and Zodiac Lighting
All other Formafantasma products are available direct through Formafantasma.


SEVEN: 87 Series and 44 Series by Bocci

Bocci’s work for Euroluce 2017 is mega impressive. Let’s start with 87.

Designed by Bocci’s creative director Omer Arbel, the 87 Series pendant is hot glass-pulled and stretched like taffy. To create the pearlescent lighting, long sections of glass are pulled out and folded back on itself as it cools. By doing this air is trapped in the loop, creating a grainy, textured effect. The process is highly precise, requiring the glass to be at an exact temperature to create and trap bubbles. The sections are folded back on themselves at least ten times, each time capturing extra air and making the glass appear more pearlescent.

“This technique we developed is true to the intrinsic properties of glass in a fundamental way,” said Arbel, who recently designed a lighting installation for London’s Barbican. “It is extremely simple in concept and yet requires tremendous sensitivity and skill on the part of the glassblowers to execute well.” The lighting has an LED embedded in one end of the loop, which casts light down the length of the glass and emphasises the gradient. Each loop is hung from a simple pendant, which is suspended by two wires.

The 44 Series is equally impressive. Each 44 results from a free pour of molten aluminium into a large canister filled with rock-like modules of resin-impregnated sand, a waste product of conventional sand casting. Low voltage electricity is transmitted through the castings, allowing a light source to be suspended between them without using cables.

Key products:

The Bocci presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • 87 Series by Omer Arbel for Bocci
  • 44 Series by Omer Arbel for Bocci
Bocci is available in Hong Kong through Design Link



EIGHT: Mesh Pendant by Flynn Talbot and Bloom Light by Tim Rundle for Resident

Kiwi design-house Resident amped-up the cool-factor for Euroluce 2017 – demonstrating both personality and restraint.

Like the remarkable Mesh Space Pendant, this matching Wall / Ceiling light is constructed around a seamless ring of LED light. Here it sits vertically or horizontally to create a warm and functional light loop. The flattened mesh dome reflects light into the space and also filters the light onto the wall. The driver is contained within the base for easy installation on new and retrofit interior projects.

The Bloom Pendants’ super-elliptical form is inspired by the gentle dynamic flow of paper lanterns. Its glorious lit effect is the result of transparency and light. Two contrasting materials – a finely perforated mesh core and frosted blown glass, combine to project a soft focus texture onto the inside of the shade. At the same time, an unobstructed pool of light is projected downwards onto objects below. Blooms distinct character is evident both in its on and off state, creating a versatile, value for money Pendant lamp

Key products:

The Resident presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • Mesh Pendant by Flynn Talbot for Resident
  • Bloom Light by Tim Rundle for Resident
Available direct through Resident




NINE: Laurent Collection by Lambert & Fils

While Bauhaus and Modernism continues to inspire the studio with the Laurent collection, Lambert & Son takes a distinctly contemporary tack – and we are LOVING it.

The studio distills a globe during its duality between sphere and circle to its essence. In keeping with its commitment to work with local, skilled trades, the team has the expertise of a Quebec glass blower to craft this latest piece. An adjustable suspension system of wires and anchors allows for the final form to vary, from a pure, minimalist orb to something more intricate and Art Deco. “Our research focused on the surface and the form. Here, the globe acts as the link between the two, “says Samuel Lambert, the studio’s founder and lead designer. The different variations make it an apt lighting fixture for the home as well as for applications in the public realm where Laurent can really take on its fullest dimension through a rhythmic repetition.

Key products:

The Resident presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • Laurent Collection by Lambert & Fils
  • Mile Collection by Lambert & Fils
Lambert & Fils is available in Hong Kong through Igloo Homeware



TEN: Hideaway Beach featuring Stephen Burks for DEDON

Raw nature, soft summer colors and the breezy spirit of barefoot luxury pervade DEDON’s booth at this year’s Salone Del Mobile. Developed in collaboration with internationally renowned interior designer Werner Aisslinger, the booth conveys all of the ease, serenity and brightness evoked by its name, Hideaway Beach.

However, the real attraction of Hideaway Beach is the furniture itself, including THE OTHERS, Stephen Burks’ new collection of animated lanterns, as well as extensions to such award-winning collections as BRIXX, TIBBO and MBRACE. Platforms of different heights help to separate the pieces, giving each the opportunity to shine.

Key products:

The OTHERS presentation features some extraordinary new products such as:

  • The Others by Stephen Burks for DEDON
Available in Hong Kong direct through DEDON

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