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What makes a good supplier?

For the A&D community, there is constant pressure to be productive, creative, and get things done. They rely on their partners to do the job well and efficiently; they require suppliers they can trust. But what exactly makes a good supplier? What are the A&D community looking for and how can suppliers meet those demands?

What makes a good supplier?


March 3rd, 2015

As creative and often time-poor clients, specifiers need solutions quickly and of the highest quality. Architects and designers need suppliers that let them retain their vision, while providing an efficient and reliable service. They need a partner that will “provide timeless, high quality product with efficient processes and tools to make specifying easy,” reiterates Senior Marketing Executive at Rogerseller, Tanya Sharpe.

A good supplier will not simply ‘supply’ then, but contribute to the overall success of a project in every facet. Experience is fundamental to this. As Sharpe points out, “Often they don’t have time to research and shop around,” and therefore need to have full trust in their supplier. Rogerseller understands the importance of being qualified and experienced, making it their mission to understand “every type of project, large and small.” Not only does experience save time because the job is done well first time around, but it provides the client with “peace of mind” – which is fundamental to the positive experience of a specifier/supplier relationship.


To meet those demands, “a supplier needs to constantly evolve through innovation and align with leading suppliers and manufacturers who are at the forefront of providing unique materials, processes, technologies etc.” They also need to work closely with the client to ensure they come up with the best solution. “Most importantly,” says Sharpe, “a supplier needs to ensure they understand the needs of the A&D community, from initial selection through to final delivery.”

Again, Rogerseller is leading the game. They appreciate the specifier as ‘the designer’ and play the role of “translator” to interpret a vision and carry it through, utilising their leading and original products (Rogerseller also design and manufacture their own premium collections) to ensure the final solution is unique and of the highest quality.


Rogerseller’s timeless approach, both to product design and creating a reliable service is what gives them their success. “At the end of day we make life easy for the specifier,” says Sharpe. “Our long standing history provides trust and reliability, while our approach enhances their design talent.” It is clearly the combined qualities of experience and efficiency, reliability and continuously evolving knowledge, and the ability to work together with the designer that make a trusted partner. A good supplier is an entire solution.

Rogerseller have recently rebuilt, refined and rolled out a host of new and improved website features – making specifying even simpler and more pleasurable than before.


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