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Zip Water

Zip Water

Zip Water is a proudly Australian business that has been manufacturing and marketing Australian-designed and made instant water systems since 1947. Zip Water are proud to offer only the highest quality products and services and be recognised for their innovation worldwide.

Crystal clear, pure tasting, boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water can increase your water intake and your wellbeing. That means happier employees and sharper minds, increasing morale and productivity. Not to mention the convenience and comfort of having a chilled water or hot coffee, whenever you need one. Zip Water can transform any office kitchen into a functional, social space. As part of their dedicated service, a nation-wide fleet of trained service technicians are available around the clock to tend to your filters, parts, and general maintenance.

Zip Water is a proudly Australian business that has been manufacturing and marketing Australian-designed and made instant water systems since 1947. Zip Water are proud to offer only the highest quality products and services and be recognised for their innovation worldwide.


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INDE.Awards 2019 entries extended!

Tick tock! One week left to enter the 2019 INDE.Awards. DEADLINE: 8 February

The excitement is mounting. The timer is getting closer and closer to D-Day. There’s only ONE WEEK LEFT to enter the 2019 INDE.Awards!

INDE 2018 editor's picks

The edit: INDE 2018 project picks

As the year comes to a close, the editorial team reflects on this year’s INDE.Awards, selecting some projects that deserve another round in the spotlight.

Boilingpoint #24 by Zip Water

Boilingpoint Magazine #24 by Zip Water

With a focus on the residential space, in Boilingpoint #24 Zip Water investigates why winning homes specify Zip. Download your copy today for free.

Five minutes with … Allen Sammut of Sammut Developments

We’re in the throes of the multi-residential renaissance – but what is really driving buyer demand and design expectations in this space?

A house with ALL the amenities: Presenting Nautilus by Sammut Developments and Innovate Architects

After winning the HIA-CSR House Of The Year award, Nautilus captured the attention of Australia’s booming residential market.

Ask the expert: Shareen Joel on the future of residential design

“It’s all about trust,” says Shareen Joel. Discover Joel’s unique insight into the evolving taxonomy of residential design and the future of the kitchen.

Alexander & Co bring the spirit of European residential design to Australia

As Designer Of The Year (2018), Alexander & Co know a thing or two about the future of the residential environment. Step inside the firm’s recently completed Palm Beach House.

Comfort meets convenience in Kooyong Residence by Workroom

Celebrating calmness and the desire for retreat, this residential project by Workroom exemplifies new design thinking surrounding contemporary urban living.

Step inside Armadale Residence by Flack Studio

Characteristic of Flack Studio, Armadale Residence celebrates the importance of materiality and texture in the home environment for mindfulness.

Kooyong House by Workroom in Boilingpoint #24 by Zip Water

Be at home with Boilingpoint by Zip Water: Issue #24 OUT NOW

In 2018, Zip Water’s range has been specified in more high-end residential developments, houses, apartments and multi-residential spaces than ever before.

Are you in the running for this design super draw? Register for FRONT now to win. 48 hours left!

You may have already come across the new boutique specifier event, FRONT. And if you haven’t already registered, we want to lay out the top 5 reasons you should get yourself down to Carriageworks 9 – 10 August.

INDE.Awards 2018 Gala: The night that brought APAC A&D together

‘Community’ was the dominant theme at the INDE.Awards 2018 Gala in Singapore. It was a celebration of outstanding design, architecture, material and culture as well as an opportunity to knit together a stronger fabric for our regional industry.

Josh Carmody accepting his award for Best Object.

It’s made of material waste but it’s been declared the best design object of 2018

What makes a design object an instant icon? So asked our INDE.Awards jury, and they’ve found one that stands above the rest. It’s not what you think!

Who came out on top? Presenting your INDE.Awards Winners for 2018

The wait is over! Couldn’t make it to INDE.Awards Gala on 22 June in Singapore? Don’t fret! Here are your official 2018 winners …

From the Publisher

Every month Raj Nandan, Indesign’s Founder and Publisher, will be wrapping up the various happenings and big news items that have hit the industry. It’s a curation of things from both us, and our industry friends, so you’ll never miss a beat again…

Michael Crouch Zip Industries

Vale Michael Crouch AC: Design, manufacturing and export communities lose a long-term supporter

Michael Crouch AC, the founder of Zip Industries and its CEO from 1962 to 2013, passed away in Sydney on 9 February after a short illness. His legacy includes an impressive list of ongoing enterprises that have enjoyed his generous patronage.

Announcing The Return Of Boilingpoint ̊ Magazine!

Since 2002, Boilingpoint Magazine by Zip Water has celebrated the global architecture and design community. In 2017, it returns again to investigate today’s A+D.

The Initiative Bringing Safe Water Where its Needed

Around the world, there are nearly 1 billion people without access to clean, safe drinking water. This needs to change, and Whole World Water knows that.

Zip Achieves and Industry-First Sustainability Benchmark

It’s no secret that the world-class designers and engineers at Zip Water are committed to sustainability. With energy efficiency at the fore of their research and development, it’s little surprise to learn they’ve taken the next step in sustainability.

Ending Waste, One Bottle At a Time

Every day around a million plastic water bottles end up in Australian landfills — a truly staggering thought, which is even more shocking when you consider that bottled water costs around 2,000 times more than tap water, with the O Initiative, Zip are encouraging people to start using public water fountains.



Want to know what made the spec’ schedule for all our featured projects?

Perth Children’s Hospital, by JCY, Cox, Billard Leece Partnership and HKS

How, as adults, do you design a hospital from a child’s perspective? That was the challenge given to the team behind Perth Children’s Hospital: JCY Architects and Urban Designers, Cox Architecture and Billard Leece Partnership (BLP), with HKS Inc.

Mirvac HQ

When builder/developer Mirvac decided half-way through the development process for the EY Centre at 200 George Street, Sydney to move their headquarters into six levels of the building, it was a vote of confidence in their own project.

BEON Energy Solutions (Powercor CitiPower) by Siren Design

What are the principles and strategies behind designing for incidental staff collisions and chance encounters? Siren Design maps out its creative thinking and approach for Powercor CitiPower’s BEON Energy Solutions, Melbourne: a purpose built workplace which encourages its staff to ‘interact’ and ‘collide’.

Unispace Headquarters Melbourne, by Unispace

How can ‘smart workplaces’ stay flexible when advancements in integrated technology move so quickly? Unispace’s new Melbourne studio exhibits a built-in fluid and mutable working style that transcends the clunkiness of faddish design trends and wire-driven technology.

Western Sydney University, by Woods Bagot

Integrated technology might be commonplace in the workplace, but in education spaces it’s still a fairly new phenomenon. At Western Sydney University, Woods Bagot’s vertical campus design raises the bar in more ways than one.

480 Queen Street Brisbane, featuring BHP Billiton by BVN

What happens when private business goes public – in a commercial design sense, that is? Brisbane’s most recent commercial addition, 480 Queen Street by BVN, is designed to create a sense of community inclusiveness. It’s a new-think approach to the traditional public-versus-private model.

University of Queensland Architecture School by m3architecture

The University of Queensland’s School of Architecture building has been born again thanks to the design of m3architecture.

KPMG Headquarters Barangaroo by Davenport Campbell

Workplaces are no longer just singular production hubs, but company showrooms used by and with clients. Designed by Davenport Campbell, the new KPMG headquaters in Barangaroo transforms the brave new world of agile working into a workplace to call home.

Gandel House at Emmy Monash Aged-Care by Bates Smart

What is interior design’s responsibility in revolutionising aged-care environments? The new Emmy Monash Aged-Care facility in Melbourne’s Caufield has all the luxury commodities of a contemporary multi-residential complex. From thoughtfully considered finishes through to superior shared facilities, no expense has been spared on residents’ comfort and quality of life.