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Gibbon Group value the huge impact of human design on the natural world – influencing suppliers to keep building on sustainable innovation. As carpet importers and wholesalers to our A&D specifier clients and their contracted installers, we are a catalyst for positive change.

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Gibbon Group value the huge impact of human design on the natural world – influencing suppliers to keep building on sustainable innovation. As carpet importers and wholesalers to our A&D specifier clients and their contracted installers, we are a catalyst for positive change.

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Inside Woods Bagot’s award winning Sculptform showroom

A statement showroom in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD gave Sculptform the opportunity to truly showcase its handcrafted philosophy and design credibility.

Bosch HQ: Gibbon Group case study

Inspiring design for inspired work: Bosch HQ

modulyss at Bosch’s new headquarters in Victoria not only ensures a flexible working environment, but it is also interesting, and more importantly, inspiring.

The business of luxury: considerations for specifying carpet in the commercial and retail sectors

When specifying carpets for retail and commercial environments, it is imperative to consider critical factors like functionality, performance and style. This downloadable whitepaper explores your specifying options in detail.

Celebrating 8 Years of Creativity, Innovation, and Good Design with modulyss

Since arriving on Australian shores nearly a decade ago, modulyss has transformed the way local designers and specifiers think about carpet.

Future architecture … on film! Investigating Zaha Hadid and Eero Saarinen in Australia

Thanks to ArchiFlix – Australia’s first and only dedicated film festival for architecture – Zaha Hadid and Eero Saarinen are being celebrated in Australia. ArchiFlix is produly supported by modulyss.

Space to grow: The positives of carpet in multi-residential and education environments

How should designers approach carpet specification for multi-residential and education environments? Download the free whitepaper on carpet specification for these sectors, here!

Australia’s education sector reaches new heights … literally!

With more enrolments than ever and less real estate stock available, how is design in the education sector building a new culture of learning in Australia?

Designing the university experience: student amenities and accommodation

University enrolments across Australia continue to skyrocket. How are our architects and designers responding to this increased demand on student amenities?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: is carpet BAD for you?

Today we’re busting a few myths troubling the carpet industry and also telling you why they make for such great additions to your indoor spaces.

What is the power of custom design in the commercial market?

As lead times shorten and competition among our commercial clients is rising, leading brands prove that custom design is more important than ever.

Design a key driver for positive student experience

Tertiary education is fast becoming the norm for a new generation of Australian and international students. As the sector continues to grow, we look at the key role of design in determining the quality of the student experience within Australian universities.

How To ‘Cut A Rug’ And Stay ‘En Pointe’: Modulyss’ Motion + Vision Has Arrived!

As modulyss’ latest ranges grace Australian shores, we look at how they might just be the market-leaders in carpet design for rhythm and motion.

What Does A Carpet, The iPhone, And Today’s Workforce Have To Do With Ancient Design Codes?

While the commercial world continues to become more and more competitive, is there a lesson to be learned from the science of ancient design traditions?

Colour For The Mind, Carpet For The World

In anticipation of modulyss’ latest arriving on Australian shores, we delve deep into the psychology of colour in design.

You Won’t Believe What The Queen Of Green Design Has Created! – IDL

Sarah King continues her crusade towards a more sustainable world with two new exciting projects.

We’re In The Age of Plastic … and It’s Ruining Our Oceans

Can A+D help clean up the 311,000,000 tonnes of rubbish contributed to our oceans each year? Well … it’s starting to look more achievable than ever!

Tretford Custom Rugs

The Next Frontier of Design: The Power of ‘Custom’

As the market becomes increasingly competitive for both practitioner and client alike, never has the power of custom design been more in demand.

Did You Know That Architects and Designers are Being Exploited?

The A+D community has to survive a dangerous culture of ridiculous lead-times, high competition, and 70+-hour workweeks. But have some found a solution?

“Turn to the left … FASHION&”

This season’s hottest look has just hit the market. It’s not flooring, it’s fashion … daahling.

Confession: I went to an office and wanted to wear the carpet.

How can designers and architects bring luxury into the commercial sector? Easy. From the ground, up.

Projects Featuring Gibbon Group Products



Want to know what made the spec’ schedule for all our featured projects?

Green Square Library and Plaza, from Stewart Hollenstein and Stewart Architecture

Designed by Stewart Hollenstein, in association with Stewart Architecture, Green Square Library is a vital community space facilitating lifelong learning and helping people connect in an emerging community.

Yancoal Sydney Workplace, by Hammond Studio

Encouraging the evolution of company culture is no mean feat, particularly when said company is in an industry as notoriously conservative as mining. Yet with their new Darling Park office for Yancoal, Hammond Studio managed to do just that.

NAB Place

The National Australia Bank’s (NAB) Brisbane Headquarters, NAB Place, designed by global architecture firm, Woods Bagot, sets a new benchmark in collaborative workplace environments.

Conrad Architects office has a moody palette

Conrad Architects’ own studio

Embodying Conrad Architects’ approach to design, its new studio is a place to inspire the design aspirations and ambitions of those who work in and visit it.

Collins Square Events Centre by Carr Design Group

Carr Design Group combines corporate, residential and hospitality design principles for a diverse and flexible function space at the Collins Square Events Centre. Have they created the ultimate new design typology for next-gen hospitality? We think yes…

Unispace Headquarters Melbourne, by Unispace

How can ‘smart workplaces’ stay flexible when advancements in integrated technology move so quickly? Unispace’s new Melbourne studio exhibits a built-in fluid and mutable working style that transcends the clunkiness of faddish design trends and wire-driven technology.

Swinburne University Factory of the Future by H20 Architects

How (and why) is design humanising technology? Melbourne-based H20 Architects bring together man and machine, blurring the lines to ease human discomfort around technology with Swinburne University’s Factory of the Future.

Ovolo Sydney, by Hassell

Is hospitality the future of agile working? If it is, the new multi-user focused Ovolo Hotel Sydney, designed by Hassell, is a wondrous glimpse into that future.