Alspec® equips architects, fabricators, builders and renovators with a comprehensive range of aluminium systems and products for commercial, residential, home improvement and industrial applications.
An Australian-owned, forward looking company, we work in-house to design, develop and test reliable aluminium systems, hardware and accessories to meet evolving market needs. With locations across Australia and more than 40 years of experience, our investments in research and our people enable us to continuously expand our product range while delivering the highest levels of service and support.

Alspec® continues to partner with major Australian and global hardware manufacturers. If you need an accessory for an aluminium system from a major manufacturer, it is more than likely it will be in stock at your local Alspec® branch. With a network of 500 staff and fourteen locations nationally, Alspec is 100% Australian owned.

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Sydney - Head Office

Alspec® equips architects, fabricators, builders and renovators with a comprehensive range of aluminium systems and products for commercial, residential, home improvement and industrial applications.

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Where beautiful design meets stringent compliance: Alspec’s Commitment to Australian Standards

For 50 years, Alspec has been a driving force in Australia’s architectural landscape. As a wholly Australian-owned company, their commitment to innovation and exceptional service has positioned them as a leading supplier of aluminium window and door systems for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

UTS architecture student proposes a sustainable farming solution to mend bridges between North and South Korea

An addition to the INDE.Awards this year is The Graduate, recognising excellence in the work of a fifth-year architecture student.

Façade Rectification – Fixing the Problem of Combustible Cladding

Presented by Alspec

Catch every INDE.Summit insight you missed, now on demand

Did you miss out on the industry’s most anticipated regional architecture and design conference? Fear not – the full programme is now live on demand!

And the well deserved 2021 INDE.Awards wins go to…

The 2021 INDE.Awards winners have been announced, and each is a testament to the design excellence of the Indo-Pacific!

Discover architecture’s best for 2021 at this year’s INDE.Awards

You’re invited to our annual celebration of Indo-Pacific architecture and design! Find out more about this year’s INDE.Awards here.

The Graduate shortlist: rising stars on our radar right now

As final year architecture students, the group that makes up the shortlist for The Graduate are talented and creative and already making their presence felt in the world of architecture.

The INDE.Awards 2021 shortlist has delivered the goods

Granting a moment of sweet relief from the months’ of anticipation building around this year’s INDE.Awards, the 2021 INDE.Awards shortlist has been announced.

Window Systems of the Future, Delivered Today

Presented by Alspec

What sort of advancement, value and growth do we really need in the world?

Consisting of four CPD accredited discussions, the inaugural INDE.Summit is to be held on 5 August 2021 and will cast a discerning light over the notion of civil ‘development’.

Celebrating the INDE.Awards 2020, better late than never

Rainy Sydney played host to the INDE.Awards mixer event: an opportunity for the industry to come together and celebrate a 2020 programme unlike any other.

INDE.Awards entries extended to April 1st!

Get your photography ready and your project details in order, because you’ve got until April 1st to enter INDE.Awards 2021!

The Future is Now

With a new category in this year’s INDE.Awards, there is the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the architecture leaders of the future. The Graduate seeks to bring to the local, regional and global stages students and their schools and highlight the innovation, imagination and artistry of the next generation of architects.

Pathways to Compliance: Understanding Cladding and the Requirements of the National Construction Code

In this whitepaper, we identify the compliance pathways provided by the National Construction Code (NCC) and some of the key requirements and testing procedures relevant to building facades and cladding.

Energy efficient façades

In this whitepaper, Alspec takes a look at changes made to Section J of the 2019 National Construction Code for Windows and Doors, setting out how these changes impact specification and building design.

Understanding Cladding and the Requirements of the NCC – Pathways to Compliance

Presented by Alspec

Why INDE 2020 was our Best Yet!

2020 INDE’s brought our community together from across the globe to celebrate the excellence in architecture and design from across the Indo Pacific

The 2020 INDE.Awards Winners are here!

The 2020 INDE.Awards Winners have been announced. Discover the best in the Indo Pacific

Your Go-To Guide to the INDE.Digital Gala

With the INDE.Awards Digital Gala just weeks away, we’ve got the lowdown on how to best enjoy the virtual event we’ve all been waiting for!

CPD Live is now available at your leisure

Like the gift that keeps on giving, the sessions from our first CPD Live program are now available to watch whenever you please!

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