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The future for hospitality carpeting is modular

Milliken Modular Landscapes – a new generation of modular carpeting products that cut costs by up to 25% compared to broadloom carpet and raise the bar in terms of aesthetic possibility, installation, maintenance, and sustainability – represent a changing of the guard for applications in the hospitality sector.

The future for hospitality carpeting is modular

Milliken-Ontera, a manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated, bespoke flooring and carpet tile solutions, has more than four decades of technological, design and customer relations leadership to its name. Now, with the introduction of Modular Landscapes, its new generation of modular products, the company has re-stablished its position as the sector’s “go-to” supplier. Ground-breaking in terms of customisation, aesthetic possibility, cost, and efficiency, the release points to the future of hospitality carpeting.

Businesses in the hospitality sector place high demands on their carpeting. They require products that minimise the chance of slips and are easy to maintain, comfortable, durable, and acoustically sound. But they also want something that makes an impression in terms of design; carpet that contributes to the harder-to-define elements of their establishments like ambience, vibe, and atmosphere; and leaves guests wanting to return.

They seek out products that are cost-effective and sustainable from suppliers that are flexible and responsive to their specific needs.

Modular Landscapes, a new generation of modular products from Milliken-Ontera meets, and surpasses, all these expectations. In fact, according to the company, it represents a changing of the guard; proof that broadloom’s time has passed, and when it comes to hospitality carpeting, “The Future is Modular”.

Unprecedented Design Potential

A bold claim? Undoubtably, but consider the design potential of Modular Landscapes. Manufactured using PrintWorks™, Milliken-Ontera’s digital dye injection technology, this carpeting can incorporate a virtually limitless range of unique colours with never-before-seen levels of precision and colour gradation. In addition, Modular Landscapes was specifically designed to check all the customers “must-haves”, bringing in local customisation for dynamic styles, speed, integrated cushion, ease of maintenance, material efficiency and sustainability.

This means that whether choosing a product for a club or gaming room, for guest rooms, public spaces, or a hotel lobby, the design possibilities – and the opportunities to make an aesthetic statement – are virtually unlimited. Customers can also choose from seven standard hospitality collections, including:

Creo – A lively, unrestrained collection that takes its cues from Brazil’s famous street art scene. Powerful. Playful. Dynamic. This collection offers three lively patterns and vibrant colourways that emote and inspire.

Immix – Acknowledges the contemporary blurring between nature, people, and technology, and in response, delivers a new approach to integrate layered texture into interior. The design comprises nuanced gradation and edge-transitions that blend to texture and colour in asymmetrical harmony.

Unearthed – Recalls the intricacies of nature, as uncovered in archaeological digs, or happened upon by chance; celebrates them; and unveils them in second surfaces, exclusively through the lens of technology. The collection provides various design elements: granular textures, linear striations, and both angular and organic, free-form shapes.

The Inspired Series – A collection that celebrates mushrooms and fungi: their distinctly different approach to life, their wondrous, whimsical strangeness, and their magic.

milliken ontera modular

Floristics – Here, biophilia is the order of the day. Incorporating three versatile colour palettes – Chartreuse, Blue, and Neutral – this collection heightens connectivity to the natural environment; and, in so doing, affords benefits like stress reduction, mood and creativity enhancement, and improved overall physical and mental health.

City Nights – At night, the city comes alive with colour. The collection embodies the beauty of illuminous glow which the city lights project to the built and natural environment. A fusion of light, movement, night sky and blurred kaleidoscope of colour is embossed into organic and layered geometrical patterns, which translate the visual image of the city life landscape.

Styled Opulence – A beautiful collection designed to deliver wide appeal to different interior environments, capturing traditional design elements with a contemporary twist. By combining simple, timeless motifs with interesting layered textures, the collection translates as a well-balanced symphony with a natural colour palette.


Alternatively, designers can customise their own design. Having virtually reinvented the carpet construction and printing processes, Milliken-Ontera adds Milliken Couture – a streamlined customisation approach that puts the client at the front and centre of the design process – to the mix.

Beginning with a detailed brief, the process steps logically through four well-defined stages, from Concept and Design to Refinement and Production. Comprehensive and responsive, it is able to deliver finalised concepts in just four days, and full production in three weeks from date of order – all with no stone left unturned and no client aspirations unmet.

Modular Landscapes delivers customers all they need to bring innovative design to every corner of their establishments. Whether its plush and highly textural designs for clubs and gaming spaces; elevated patterns, rich colourways, and superior adaptability for guest rooms; or durable flooring with designs to influence movement in corridors, Milliken-Ontera has the solution.

It doesn’t end there. For high-traffic areas including corridors, guest rooms and public spaces that need to cope with the rigours of foot and rolled traffic passing across them every day, Milliken-Ontera offers a collection of Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring. With industry leading wear-ratings and a variety of installation options, the collections bring new and inspiring options for resilient flooring that combines seamlessly with carpet for the perfect marriage of form and function.

Functionality & Sustainability

Consider also the various other features and benefits of Modular Landscapes.

For example, Milliken-Ontera’s modular carpet tile constructions incorporate the latest innovations in tufting and come standard with StainSmart® – a proprietary treatment applied to protect against stains and enhance soil release.

Also, rather than the usual dual bond installation, these modular carpet tiles feature an integrated WellBAC™ cushion, with an open-cell foam technology. This single layer improves underfoot comfort and subsequently delivers health, wellness, and performance benefits. On top of that, importantly, it acts as an effective acoustic insulation.

This single layer, combined with the fact that they are carpet tiles means that, unlike broadloom carpeting, there are no bulky rolls to manage, and the installation process is relatively simple.

Other Milliken-Ontera innovations – like 3D renderings of the relevant spaces, detailed installation diagrams, and the boxing and shipping of carpet tiles to correspond exactly with their placement – further contribute to efficiency levels and keep installation time to a minimum.

Similarly, the modular nature of the carpet means that if a tile is badly stained or damaged, maintenance is a simple matter of replacing a single tile.

Modular Landscapes also scores strongly in terms of sustainability. This is true of both the materials it uses (for yarns, etc.) and the manufacturing processes it employs. All products achieve Level A recognition for Green Star in Australia and New Zealand. They are PVC free, Declare Red List Free, Cradle to Cradle Silver certified and certified under the Carpet Institute of Australia Environmental Certification Scheme.

Community Engagement

And finally, consider Milliken-Ontera’s social conscience and unshakable commitment to community. The company is a national partner of the Property Industry foundation, an organisation that brings together the property and construction industries and was founded 25 years ago with the aim of making a tangible impact on the problem of youth homelessness.

All who purchase Milliken-Ontera’s Hospitality Modular Landscapes products can do so in the knowledge that a percentage of their investment goes to the Foundation’s “Product Pathway” program. This will be used to build accommodation for some of the 44,000 young souls in this country who – though in one of the most vulnerable stages of their lives – go to sleep each night without a home or the stability that having one brings.

When all these benefits are considered. When Modular Landscapes is measured in terms of not just its unprecedented design potential, but also customisation, installation, ease of maintenance, material efficiency, community engagement and sustainability, it becomes difficult to argue with its manufacturer’s claim. When it comes to hospitality carpeting, perhaps the future really is modular.

Find out more about Milliken Modular Landscapes here.


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