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Home grown ethos spells success for Stormtech

Instead of following the trend and moving offshore, Stormtech chose to keep its manufacturing operations in Australia. Combined with its quality products and commitment to innovation, this decision has been key to the specialist drainage supplier’s success.

Home grown ethos spells success for Stormtech

Faced with pressures like high local labour costs, a strong Australian dollar, and fluctuating commodity prices, a lot of Australian businesses have decided to move their manufacturing operations overseas in recent years.

While the short-term financial gains associated with such moves are clear, so are their negatives consequences. For instance, those attractive ‘low labour costs’ offshore equate to low wages for workers in developing nations. Lacking the protection of the type of strong industrial relations laws we take for granted in Australia, these workers often face exploitation or worse.

The problems go beyond labour relations. Lack of regulation can extend to areas like environmental standards, quality assurance, and product compliance. So, while the financial incentive to manufacture overseas is clear, the possible consequences of using poor-quality products is also well-known, particularly in the construction sector.

Aussie-made Ethos

At the end of the day, of course, it’s up to each individual business to make the call – stay and manufacture in Australia or move offshore? Some businesses, like specialist drainage supplier Stormtech are taking the first option. The inventor of linear drainage, Stormtech is an exemplar of the Aussie-made ethos; the philosophy that ranks things like ingenuity, innovation, and product quality as its highest goals; and asserts that, in the long run, these priorities will serve it better than short-term financial gain.

Knowing the market

Local knowledge is another key to Stormtech’s success. Through years of experience, the company has not only developed an intimate understanding of the local regulatory landscape but come to know the architects, specifiers, and builders it serves. Industry professionals want a supplier who speaks their language and is there to help them – offering products made with materials like marine-grade 316 stainless steel and vinyl council approved uPVC, furthermore they need products that are WaterMark and GreenTag certified, Stormtech is such a supplier.

With a range of drainage solutions that are made-to-length and easy to customise, Stormtech works closely with its clients to find the right solution for each project. And, to top it off, its commitment to the local industry is matched by the aesthetic appeal of its state-of-the-art drainage solutions.

A family-owned business with over 35 years of local experience, Stormtech is proof positive that there is life yet in the Australian manufacturing sector.

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